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Submission + - Help Save Vulcan XH558 (

Kent Brewster writes: "This is all about a 60 year old very noisy aeroplane called XH558, the last one still flying (and the oldest) of of her kind, an Avro Vulcan B2. After her retirement from the RAF in 1993, it took a bunch of enthusiasts 14 years of skinned knuckles to restore her to flight in Oct 2007 at a cost of over £7m in public donations. To date she is the most complex aircraft ever to be restored to flight in the world and is the only surviving Vulcan airframe in a suitable condition to achieve this. Last year XH558 displayed at many air shows, attracting record crowds at every event she attended, but the credit crunch has hit her hard. The operation plan included a large percentage of the needed revenue to come from business sponsorship, but sponsoring a nuclear bomber is just not going to happen in the current financial climate. The Vulcan to the Sky Trust that operates her have put all the staff on notice for next Friday March 6th and then she will be grounded forever. If you have any interest in British engineering or the fact that this nuclear bomber kept the peace in the Cold War then please help."

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