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Submission + - Warner Bros. bans previews in Canada

Shambly writes: In an article by the cbc Warner Bros announces that it will cancel all previews of Movies in Canada citing its reason it says "Recently, the U.S. International Intellectual Property Alliance put Canada on a watchlist of countries it believes responsible for illegal filming and copying of movies. The group alleged that the recording, movie and software industries lose $225 million a year due to illegal trafficking in Canada."
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Journal Journal: Extracting to temp and copying? 10

Not submitting this one to the queue or anything, but why in hell is it that practically every archiver on Windows extracts to the temp folder and then copies the file to the target destination? This approach makes certain archives unusable. For example, let's say you have an archive with two archives inside it and need to extract a file from one of them; you have enough room for the archive, one of the archives inside the archive, and one file inside THAT, but you can't get it out beca

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