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Submission + - The Rise of Everyday Hackers

An anonymous reader writes: Research suggests there will be a rise in everyday hackers. A simple Google search for “SQL injection hack” provides 1.74 million results, including videos with explicit instructions on how to exploit SQL injection vulnerabilities. The ready availability of this information makes it possible for less technically skilled hackers to take advantage of this common flaw. Although SQL injection flaws are easy to identify and fix, Veracode found that 32 percent of web applications are still affected by SQL injection vulnerabilities. As a result, as many as 30 percent of breaches in 2013 will be from SQL injection attacks. The research also concluded that the leading cause of security breaches and data loss for organizations is insecure software. The report found that 70 percent of software failed to comply with enterprise security policies on their first submission for security testing.
Open Source

Submission + - Jeremy Allison on why Samba switched to GNU GPLv3 (

jrepin writes: "This is the second installment of our Licensing and Compliance Lab's series on free software developers who choose GNU licenses for their works. Jeremy Allison is a long-time free software advocate and a lead developer of Samba. He has given a talk on why Samba chose the GNU GPL version 3 on several occasions, and we wanted to highlight that talk again as part of our series."

Submission + - Billionaire-Backed Space Venture Planetary Resources to be Unveiled April 24 (

zrbyte writes: An audacious new private space exploration company backed by billionaire investors and filmmaker-turned-explorer James Cameron will unveil its master plan "to help ensure humanity's prosperity" on Tuesday, April 24.

While details of the company, called Planetary Resources, Inc., and its mission are still under wraps, officials with the enterprise did state that "the company will overlay two critical sectors — space exploration and natural resources — to add trillions of dollars to the global GDP," according to media alert sent to reporters today (April 18).


Submission + - In Poll, Many Link Weather Extremes to Climate Change (

mdsolar writes: ""Scientists may hesitate to link some of the weather extremes of recent years to global warming — but the public, it seems, is already there.

A poll due for release on Wednesday shows that a large majority of Americans believe that this year’s unusually warm winter, last year’s blistering summer and some other weather disasters were probably made worse by global warming. And by a 2-to-1 margin, the public says the weather has been getting worse, rather than better, in recent years.

The survey, the most detailed to date on the public response to weather extremes, comes atop other polling showing a recent uptick in concern about climate change. Read together, the polls suggest that direct experience of erratic weather may be convincing some people that the problem is no longer just a vague and distant threat."

Poll results:"


Submission + - Fake Instagram and Angry Birds Among 5,000 New Malicious Android Apps (

An anonymous reader writes: Around 5,000 new malicious Android apps were identified in the last three months alone, according to internet security experts at Trend Micro.
The rise in malicious software for Android devices is partly blamed on today's social networking generation, who give more personal information than ever to websites like Facebook and Twitter.


Submission + - Openmobility Conference 2012 on 21st April in Prague (

An anonymous reader writes: This Saturday is going to be great European community gathering with talks and workshops on mobile Linux platforms and Open Source Hardware topics, with real hardware in place! e.g. RepRap, GTA04, Beagle Bone, Raspberry Pi, Milkymist One, HP Touchpad, Nokia N9/N950...and software: MeeGo, webOS, Qt 5/QML, Fedora etc.

See full program on:
All talks and workshops will be in English.


Submission + - Obama's "hot mic moment" shouldn't overshadow a dirty bomb (

__aaqpaq9254 writes: Kenneth C. Brill and Kenneth N. Luongo have a strong piece about problems with the agreements achieved at the Nuclear Security Summit, which did not unify the international community's current patchwork of largely voluntary approaches and is full of potential gaps and weak points that terrorists can exploit as they seek nuclear materials on the black market. Here's a quote: "We know for a fact that terrorist groups are seeking nuclear material, and there is a black market in such material. In 2011, police in Moldova broke up a black market smuggling operation attempting to sell highly enriched uranium. Unfortunately, one member of the smuggling group remains at large with as much as a kilogram of highly enriched uranium, as does a potential buyer from North Africa."

Submission + - A month with the new iPad (

zacharye writes: A great look at Apple's third-generation iPad, the industry Apple has created, what makes the iPad great and what the competition is and isn't doing to compete.

Submission + - Shadowrun Returns' Jordan Weisman: No Console Version Planned (

buffdaily247 writes: "As we reported over the weekend, the Shadowrun Returns Kickstarter campaign reached one million dollars, despite series creator Jordan Weisman's initial request of $400,000. The additional funding lets the team at Harebrained Schemes build another city within the game, and they don't plan to stop there. If funding reaches $1.5 million (there are 11 days left), the developers will create an exclusive mission for all the "backers", AKA people who donated.

On that note, we connected with Jordan again to see how things are going, and whether this influx of cash could result in Shadowrun Returns appearing on more platforms."


Submission + - Tupac Shakur Resurrected as Ultra-realistic "Hologram" for Live Performance (

Zothecula writes: Last Sunday, attendees of the 2012 Coachella music festival were shocked when infamous rapper, Tupac Shakur, took the stage in the form of a hologram to give a live performance — quite a feat, considering the man has been dead for over 15 years. Fans gawked and cheered as the incredibly realistic-looking "hologram" moved around the stage, called out to the audience, and even performed a song alongside his old friend, Snoop Dogg, before disappearing in a burst of light. The impressive show has already caught the imaginations of many music lovers, and it's all thanks to the work of AV Concepts and effects studio, Digital Domain, who worked together to bring the deceased rapper back to life.

Submission + - GSA emails recount inside story of exploding toilets (

v3rgEz writes: "Six months ago, the toilets of the General Services Administration started exploding, injuring two employees and beginning the agency's spiral down the drain of bad press (this is the same GSA now under fire for pricey Vegas conference flings). E-mails just released under FOIA now show the culprit: Compressed air + ancient plumbing + leaving it all unattended.

Full documents are available as well."


Submission + - Scientists Say Spread Of Schmallenberg Virus Is "Warning To Europe" (

redletterdave writes: "The outbreak of a new livestock disease in western Europe last year, particularly harmful to offspring, could move further into areas surrounding the worst affected countries in the next cycle of new births, scientists say. The Schmallenberg virus — named after the German town where it was first detected in November — infected sheep and cows on at least 2,600 farms in eight EU countries last year, most likely between August and October. Thought to have been spread for hundreds of miles across Europe by biting midges and warm late summer winds, the virus has since been confirmed in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Italy, Spain and Britain. It is particularly harmful to the offspring of animals infected during early pregnancy, resulting in stillbirths and malformations such as brain deformities, twisted spines and locked joints.with the return of summer and biting midges to Europe, there is a risk that Schmallenberg will spread to unexposed livestock in areas surrounding the previous infection zones, including Austria, Switzerland, Poland and the Czech Republic."

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