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Submission + - Ubuntu 13.10 'Saucy Salamander' Final has been released!

donadony writes: Finally, the most expected distribution in Linux World, Ubuntu 13.10 ‘Saucy Salamander’ final has been released, there is no official release announcement yet, but the download page of Saucyhas been updated with the final packages. Just like most of you, We also expected it very long. This awesome distribution has come with plenty of new features and improvements.

Submission + - There's a new bear in the clouds: OpenStack releases Grizzly (

carusoj writes: If you like open source in your cloud, you have to be happy that the OpenStack Foundation has just released the latest version of its popular open-source Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud, Grizzly. OpenStack, the so-called Linux of cloud computing, was founded by NASA and Rackspace software developers. Today, it's supported by numerous companies and organizations. With Grizzly, Rackspace no longer dominates code changes. Red Hat, IBM, Nebula, and HP are also now major contributors.

Submission + - Vanderbilt University Steps Into the Exoskeleton Market (

Zothecula writes: For people who are unable to walk under their own power, exoskeletons offer what is perhaps the next-best thing. Essentially “wearable robots,” the devices not only let their users stand, but they also move their legs for them, allowing them to walk. While groups such as Berkeley Bionics, NASA, Rex Bionics, and ReWalk are all working on systems, Nashville’s Vanderbilt University has just announced the development of its own exoskeleton. It is claimed to offer some important advantages over its competitors.

Submission + - SPAM: Sandy knocks out 25% of cell service in its path

sylveste43r writes: Cell service will get worse before it gets better, FCC commissioner Julius Genachowski said in a conference call with the press. Millions in the storm-affected regions still are without power, and cell towers in those locations are cut off from the grid. Those towers have been running on backup battery power, fueled by generators. But in many flooded locations, the generators are unreachable, and the towers will go dark once their batteries die.
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Submission + - India Tests Nuclear-Capable Missile That Could Reach Beijing 2

guttentag writes: The New York Times reports that India said Thursday it had successfully launched a missile with nuclear capability and a 3,100-mile range, giving it the ability to strike Beijing and Shanghai. It is suggested that this intended as a "deterrent" against attack by China. One hopes that China will not respond by announcing plans to deter India from using this.

Submission + - James Webb Space Telescope's near infrared camera completed ( 1

cylonlover writes: Assembly has been completed on the Near Infrared Camera (NIRCam) that will be the primary imager on NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) and will also act as the telescope’s wavefront sensor to allow for control of its primary mirror. The formal successor to the Hubble and Spitzer Space Telescopes, the JWST will be the most powerful space telescope ever constructed and the NIRCam is integral to the JWST's core goals of studying the formation of stars and planets, and the evolution of galaxies. NIRCam covers the infrared wavelength range of 0.6 (the edge of visible) to 5 microns (near infrared) and its focal plane assemblies (FPA) consist of 40 million pixels and are designed to operate at 35 degrees Kelvin (-396F/-238C).
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Submission + - System for Applications for New gTLDs Still Down (

itwbennett writes: "After almost a week the ICANN system for applications for new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) is still down, and it is unclear when it will reopen, although ICANN said it would provide an update by Friday, according to an IDG News Service report. The system was taken offline after a software glitch was found that 'resulted in some users being able to see some other users' file names and user names.'"

Submission + - Japan to be without nuclear power after May 5 (

mdsolar writes: ""Japan will within weeks have no nuclear power for the first time in more than 40 years, after the trade minister said two reactors idled after the Fukushima disaster would not be back online before the last one currently operating is shut down.

Trade Minister Yukio Edano signalled it would take at least several weeks before the government, keen to avoid a power crunch, can give a final go-ahead to restarts, meaning Japan is set on May 6 to mark its first nuclear power-free day since 1970.

"If we thoroughly go through the procedure, it would be (on or) after May 6 even if we could restart them," Edano told a news conference, adding that whether they can actually be brought back online is still up to ongoing discussions.

The crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, where a huge earthquake and tsunami in March 2011 triggered radiation leaks, has hammered public faith in nuclear power and prevented the restart of reactors shut down for regular maintenance checks, with all but one of 54 reactors now offline.""


Submission + - As predicted, Microsoft launches Windows Azure Media Services (

An anonymous reader writes: Microsoft announced ( a new Media Services package for its Windows Azure cloud platform yesterday, including cloud-based transcoding and DRM/encryption features and scalable tools for for live streaming video. But it's worth noting that cottoned on to this move last month, linking to an internal strategy document ( that includes some really interesting thoughts on the company's future in Media & Entertainment. It'll be intriguing to see whether Microsoft manages to eat into any of Amazon's market share in M&E in the coming months.

Submission + - Windows 8 Name Confirmed; Three Editions Only (

Kelerei writes: Windows 8 has been confirmed as the official name for the next x86/x64 version of Windows, which will be released in two editions [submitter note: similar to Windows XP]: a home edition (simply named "Windows 8") featuring an updated Windows Explorer, Task Manager, improved multi-monitor support and "the ability to switch languages on the fly", while a professional edition ("Windows 8 Pro") adds features for businesses and technical professionals such as encryption, virtualization and domain connectivity. Windows Media Centre will not be included in the Pro edition and will be available separately as part of a "media pack" add-on. A third edition, branded as "Windows RT", will be available for ARM-based systems.

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