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Comment Re:Oh, great... (Score 2) 98

So what I want to see is a text analyzer that will take the output of such a chatbot, and generate automated replies designed to get it stuck in an endless loop-- or possibly, figure out how to get two chatbots stuck on replying to each other endlessly. Or an analyzer that can tell us how closely it aligns to various partisan positions, in order to figure out their source. Also, carefully worded nonsense replies might cause a chatbot to reply to them as if they made sense, thereby revealing their automated nature.

Comment No point either way... (Score 1) 133

The ONLY reason the real creator of bitcoin would want to reveal himself at this point is to capitalize on the notoriety. I mean, the technology is out there, it's not like he's going to ask for it all back. What possible reason would anyone have for proving he was the creator other than to put it on his resume and/or establish some credibility for a new enterprise. If that's what he wanted it for, he should have thought of that a long time ago and never gone stealth about it in the first place. So if this guy IS the creator of bitcoin, other than the creation of bitcoin itself, he's a moron. And I'd start to wonder if his idea regarding bitcoin was just a lucky fluke.

Comment Did that a decade ago. (Score 1) 160

I've replaced my broadcast AND movie going with DVDs in various ways-- library check-outs, rentals, Netflix, etc. Here's the thing-- I'm not interested in "Sports Coverage," News coverage is horribly biased towards useless sensationalism, equivalent to click-bait. There are way better sources of news that don't include the sensationalism (or the click-bait, which is my gauge of a serious site vs a crapvertizer). Movie theater experience is useless because all that is available is a narrow set of recent crap releases. Why would I want any of that?

Comment Re:Don't like it? Change it! (Score 1) 338

The problem is, most Republican and Democrat voters vote their party every year, because-- they always have. It's part of their identity. It doesn't matter how bad their candidate is, it's essentially, "my party, right or wrong." It doesn't matter if they run Stalin or Hitler. Until you change THAT, third parties have no chance.

Comment Re:Not from Panama (Score 1) 110

If that's the case, why was there a push in Congress to pass a Panama specific free trade deal in 2012? It's not like Panama has such a huge economy that a special free trade deal was warranted-- and Bernie predicted it would result in more tax shelter shenanigans, which of course, it did. There would be no point in that if there weren't wealthy people in the US pushing for it.

Comment Re:good luck with that (Score 1) 296

Yes, you can expect to here this in interviews: "So you used to work for EmblemHealth? Wasn't that the company whose employees all refused to train their replacements?" (or started a union, or filed suit against the company, or whatever else happened)... That could kill off your employment in the entire industry. In fact, this could happen even if you decided to stay on and train your replacement, if enough of your co-workers decide to make a big stink about it and burn their bridges-- yours could get burnt as collateral damage...

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