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Journal Journal: I Am A Troll

Slashdot used to be a forum of intelligent conversation amongst people who could be reasoned with.

Yes, that's right. I do believe that all intelligence whatsoever has left Slashdot. There's no point in wasting time with these losers. If you'll take a look at the recent flurry of posts, you'll notice by the response that the vast majority of the Slashdot readership now firmly believes:

1.) There's no money in Open Source
2.) Open Source is a dotBomb business model
3.) Proprietary software will always be necessary
4.) Open Source software is poor quality
5.) Artists need to be published to make any money
6.) In general, copyright licensing is needed to make money on any intellectual product.

You know what this means? It means that Adobe / Microsoft / RIAA / whoever have been successful in their FUD campaigns against a lot of weak-minded geeks. Sick.

So, what is there left to do except troll on Slashdot? Nothing really. The idiots who believe the items in the above list are trolls themselves. If you can't beat 'em, might as well join 'em.

From now on, I will do nothing but crap-flood and troll Slashdot (using a different username from my original of course - I like my karma). Thanks a lot you assholes. Way to let The Man win.

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