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Comment Re:I know lots of people (Score 1) 729

You're rated 0. I'm rated 5+ insightful.

Suck it. Price of being an AC troll fuckwit. And you could say any of what you're saying here indifferent to whether you win or lose simply by being stubborn and dishonest. Which is generally to be expected of ACs.

Your appeals to popular opinion backfired. Come up with a better argument for why I'm wrong then me getting down voted. Because I wasn't. I was upvoted. You were not upvoted.

You're furthermore not saying I was wrong once but that I'm repeatedly wrong... or even consistently wrong. Well, on what basis besides your own rhetorical convenience?

My position at inception was accurate. In attempting to dismiss the increasingly pathetic console fans... I pointed out that their entire platform has a dubious future. It does. You don't like that? Why should I care?

I mean, believe what you want. I don't really care. You want to keep humping the console? Do it. I'm not taking anything away from you. Enjoy whatever.

Comment Re:I know lots of people (Score 1) 729

My central argument is that console gaming is stupid.

A sub point of that was that the big console makers are planning to sunset the entire product line. And they are.

Now if you want to talk about that, and stand behind that... I can reengage. Short of that... I really don't know where your endless salt is coming from, buddy.

Comment Re:I know lots of people (Score 1) 729

Which you could "say" regardless of any circumstance. Which is basically my point here. You're just "saying" that. I asked you to back up YOUR claim... and you're too much of a coward to do it.

I mean... AC so what should I expect... but it makes your entire position pretty comical.

Comment Re:I know lots of people (Score 1) 729

Name a claim you want backed and we'll see how easy it is for me to win. I mean, the challenge is quiet clear here, sport. The reality that you're not answering anything but rather just wasting my time with dumb insults and text book fallacies does nothing to change the initial impression that you're a failtroll AC.

Comment Re:Unless you FAIL like the KARMASHOCK (Score 1) 307

I didn't start. I finished you. You never had a point. As to confirming things... any twit can declare victory and then run away.

So, do that... No one expects an AC to join a discussion, say something retarded, then run away like a coward.

That never happens guys.

Way to break the mold.

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