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Comment ... Title is wrong (Score 3, Informative) 307

Its not saying renewables produce more power but that more renewable capacity was added this year than non-renewable capacity. But the bulk of capacity remains non-renewable.

It said right here:
But the agency expects renewablesâ(TM) share of power generation to rise to 28 per cent by 2021, when it predicts they will supply the equivalent of all the electricity generated today in the US and EU combined.
So by 2021, they hope it will be up to 28 percent of total capacity. Thus... no, renewables are not the majority of power generation and the title is wrong.

Comment Re:Moving goal posts (Score 1) 354

So the IPCC is the prime source of evidence we should go with and other sources are not acceptable?

Okay. Prepare to dance.


They based their "research" on an interview in a climbing magazine.

it is also ironic that you'd say something about politics in the same breath that you're advocating the IPCC. Much of the IPCC is not authored by scientists. Its a political organization via the UN not a scientific organization. You'd know that if you knew anything. But you don't.

You're another tool that repeats the same stupid shit with no understanding of what he's talking about.


You're getting caught in a lie or a scandal or a fraud practically daily. And despite that all we get out of you is the same pretension to a functioning brain stem.

Keep in mind, you're the one that started the ad hominem game by talking about deniers and politics. If you want to talk issues, I'll crush you with facts. You likely don't have anything besides some cartoonish illustrations or some PDF links you didn't read.

But if you want to play the ad hominem game... then flame on.

What people like you get away with is shifting between an unjustified pretense of intellectual or moral superiority into fallacious ad hominem without pausing to back up anything. It works on people that don't know what this is...

If you want to make a stab at being rational or justifying any of that comical pretense you walk around with... try me. Otherwise... Burn.

Comment Re:Why have ademocracy at all? (Score 1) 636


adjective imÂpaired \-Ëperd\
Definition of impaired

        : being in a less than perfect or whole condition: as
a : disabled or functionally defective â"often used in combination
b : intoxicated by alcohol or narcotics

Kill yourself. You are literally wasting resources better used for an old lady's cats.

Comment Re:Why have ademocracy at all? (Score 1) 636

The autistic frequently have a difficult time understanding otherwise very clear communication.

You're either intentionally being obtuse and thus this complaint is a deceit or you're mentally impaired and thus honestly don't understand but due to your own dysfunction.

In either case, I can't deal with you as an equal. I can either insult a liar or lecture an inferior. But given that you either dodged the point or could not understand clear communication... equality is off the table.

Everything I've said is contextually, chronologically, and sequentially organized which is standard organization.

I went through your post and you mostly just contradicted yourself. On top of everything else you appear to have a very poor memory and thus either forgot what I said or forgot what you said. This renders your either standing deceit incompetent or compounds your mental impairment. Either way further communication with someone that doesn't even know what they themselves have said is not productive.

If you're so stupid that you need to take notes to keep track of a discussion in black and white in front of you on the internet... then you're unworthy of the time of random assholes on the internet like myself. Kindly disconnect and stop annoying people with your incompetence.

Comment Re:what are you talking about? (Score 1) 354

James hanson made the claim in 1988 I think... the deadline came and went.

Any prediction can be right so long as you retcon out all predictions that don't come true or infinitely advance the date of fruition beyond the next day.

Tell you what, chump... On what day if the thing hasn't happened would you admit you were deluded?

Lock yourself down to something. If you don't... then you're as much as admitting that you don't have confidence in the predictions either rendering the defense of them at best a sad deceit.

Comment Moving goal posts (Score 3, Insightful) 354

New York City was supposed to be under water by now. Same people are saying the same thing. Time appears to be very subjective to these people. Any prediction or statement involving time should be taken lightly.

We've already crossed past arbitrary points of no return and whenever it happens... goal post is moved.


We're constantly being treated to this and when the prediction doesn't happen... no apology... no admission... nothing. Just a goal post move.

Will they admit in 50 years what they haven't admitted over 20? Will they admit over 100 what they won't over 50?

I suspect that only death by old age is going to resolve this because some people are going to keep this shit up to their graves.

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