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Submission + - Indian IT firms in U.S. rack up employee lawsuits (

dcblogs writes: Three of Indian's largest IT companies are fighting lawsuits filed by employees and ex-employees. Larsen & Toubro InfoTech is facing a lawsuit from two women claiming sexual discrimination who said they were fired because of pregnancies.Tata Consultancy Services is also being sued about a practice that required their non-U.S. citizen employees to turn over tax refunds to the company. That lawsuit was granted class action status this week by a federal court. Infosys Technologies is under a federal grand jury investigation over its use of visas as a result of lawsuit by an employee.

Submission + - Elgin Gas Leak: who's paying attention? (

cedarhillbilly writes: "New Scientist has been doing a bang up job of covering a major drilling 'accident' in the North Sea where a drilling rig operated by France's Total has released a pool of natural gas into the atmosphere. Because it's not on CNN's doorstep and no one's been killed so far, the Elgin leak has received scant attention in US media. Still it's huge and raises some interesting questions about drilling safety. In today's installment of the coverage, New Scientist shows the 'purple haze' (great graffix) hovering over the site of the leak. Look at the photo, then drill down (ouch) thru the links to get the rest of the story!"

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