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Comment Re:In other words... (Score 1) 55

I pretty much agree. My girlfriend of all people was the one to get me into playing this bloody game. And I think its fun as far as going questing and lvling in areas you've not been to before but, once you do hit 70 there is nothing to do other than getting better gear. Ok so I got some epic gear from BG but, now there is some even better gear to get from that stupid new place whatever it is. For the people that actually have next to no life and have the 100 heroic badges for 1 item of gear. It took me forever just to get 20. I dont have the time to do that. I actually have a life. Bring on the new expansion and stop giving us new PvP shit. Maybe then I'll play properly again. And not just helping people who are lower lvls in my guild have fun from boosts.

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