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Submission + - Floating Houses Designed for Low-Lying Countries (

Zothecula writes: Venice may soon be sharing its "Floating City" moniker thanks to a research project developing "amphibian houses" that are designed to float in the event of a flood. The FLOATEC project sees the primary market for the houses as the Netherlands, whose low-lying land makes it particularly susceptible to the effects of rising sea levels. Such housing technology could also allow small island-states in the Indian and Pacific Oceans that are at the risk of disappearing in the next 100 years to maintain their claim to statehood through the use of artificial, floating structures.

Submission + - Google +1 Button Arrives On More Websites (

An anonymous reader writes: Google’s version of the Facebook Like button has been rolled out to more websites including YouTube

Google has made its +1 content recommendation button available to more websites including several of its own properties as well as to media outlets such as Reuters and TechCrunch.

+1 is Google’s answer to Facebook’s Like button, allowing users to click a button to recommend content to friends and contacts.

Google Profiles owners click the +1 next to each search result or ad on and +1s start appearing next to each selected search result. Users signed into their Google accounts will see these +1 selections in future searches.

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