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Submission + - OS Library software under assault (

abesottedphoenix writes: "The rural Library responsible for the first Open Source Library catalogue is under attack from defence contractor PTFS. More than a decade after rolling out Koha (featured elsewhere in /. in NZ School Goes Open Source Amid Microsoft Mandate) they now find themselves in a battle to keep a generic Mori term within the public domain. The story is also covered at Radio NZ."

Submission + - Small NZ library fights US corporation over softwa (

An anonymous reader writes: A small New Zealand library is fighting to keep its trademark free software from the clutches of a United States corporation.

The Horowhenua Library trust designed the Koha system 12 years ago to manage catalogues and lending information.

However, the trust says an American company named LibLime has hijacked the system and wants to use it for its own private client base.

Submission + - LibLime trying to hijack someone else's GPL produc (

NZKiwi writes: LibLime ( provides support for Koha, a GPL Library product developed by the Horowhenua Library Trust ( LibMe is now trying to trademark the name "Koha" (an indigenous Maori word meaning 'gift') to prevent the Trust (a trust who developed the original deliberately as GPL product) from using it.

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