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Journal KGIII's Journal: /. & Hypocrisy 3

There are a cluster of people who, for their various reasons, think that all software must be free and open source. They claim that the people who author this stuff have no choice in the matter or that they shouldn't and they follow the steps given to them by Lord RMS faithfully.

Then they do things like love Google who, by all accounts, is in no way open.

They talk of things like freedom... What about the freedom for the authors of the the IP to decide? We have the right to opt to not install something. We even have the ability to do anything we need to do without touching a single line of proprietary code (as yet untested in courts but for the sake of simplicity we'll all work with the idea that it is free code).

If a musician wants to join a lable who is a part of RIAA then that's their choice. They are granted rights. Why do people think that that they can take away those rights? Freedom ends at the tip of your nose.

I was looking at some FSF (I'm going with Full of Shit Foundation here) stuff today and they're insane. If I code up a handy dandy application and put it on my server to do my business on my personal property with my clients I have absolutely no obligation to hand that code over to anyone and anyone who thinks that I should have to is, well, insane.

The reality is that I'm far more likely to hand it over than to not but the idea that I should *have to* is patently absurd. Do your own fucking work if I don't want to share and if I patent it then I probably want to be paid for my work. (Patent trolls suck balls and shouldn't count.)

Do you fucking think or do you just do what they tell you and call it individuality?

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/. & Hypocrisy

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  • I absolutely agree with you.
    I think some people (FSF especially) do not understand the concept of freedom.
    It means freedom from ideology who restrict my actions/movements.
    It's a shame as I think the basic premises of FSF are sound - to promote open source/free software.
  • I gotta say, there's a fair amount of generalization, assumption and strawman in your JE. Perhaps some links to back up your assertions?

    Disclaimer: Not an OSS zealot, although I love the concept.
    • by KGIII ( 973947 )

      They are observations of the posters here on /. which I'm sure you've also seen. I have been reading /. for years and years though I eventually joined so that I could make a comment. (I don't like the idea of me personally posting AC - I tend to say what I mean and mean what I say and accept that people will want to change my views and sometimes they do, when they do I freely admit the error in my ways and promptly move on to the next boneheaded mistake that I'll make.)

      Anyhow, these same people who will scr

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