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Submission + - OnLive thoroughly tested (

KDR_11k writes: After the initial lag analysis Digital Foundry went back to OnLive and tested more aspects of it. While the latency may be comparable to console games the stream quality, framerate and graphics settings are fairly bad and the pricing on the service and games not competitive.

Probably the most damning aspect is what getting that level of performance from your home PC would cost:
"Of course, in terms of overall value for money, OnLive says you don't require any specific gaming hardware and you'll never need to upgrade, so this in itself sounds like you're making a massive saving, but the fact is that the PC required to run the system isn't insignificant. Unless you're running on a laptop, upgrading it with a relatively inexpensive graphics card will offer an overall gameplay experience that effortlessly beats OnLive on quality and response. Perhaps by the time expensive next-generation hardware is unleashed upon us OnLive's value proposition will increase accordingly, but until then the value just isn't there."

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