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Submission + - Mozilla Fights In Court To Get Info About Potential Firefox Flaw

An anonymous reader writes: Mozilla has asked a Washington State District Court to compel FBI investigators to provide details about a vulnerability in the Tor Browser with them before they share it with the defendant in a lawsuit, so that they could fix it before the knowledge becomes public. The lawsuit in question is against Jay Michaud, a Vancouver (Wa.) teacher that stands accused of accessing and downloading child pornography from a website on the Dark Web.

Submission + - Google: Gmail users 'have no legitimate expectation of privacy' (

KDEnut writes: As tensions worsen among privacy-focused email users amid the escalating scandal surrounding government surveillance, a brief filed by attorneys for Google has surfaced showing that Gmail users should never expect their communications to be kept secret.

Submission + - Indian BMD shield ready ( 1

darkstar019 writes: The ballistic missile defense shield system (at par with Patriot 3 system) has reached its operational readiness and is ready to be deployed in two cities. One wonders how much time it would take to respond to an actual chinese/pakistani threat given the IRBMs are only minutes away from destroying major cities.
The two level BMD still appears a few years away.

Submission + - Any Hotmail account could be hacked by just sending a specific string ( 2

fxbar writes: Any hotmail account could be taken over by sending "+++)-" to the server. The problem is fixed now. Hackers sold accounts for 20$. Here more techinical detail:

The article speculates about rumors that "... there exists another critical vulnerability but it’s knowledge is limited to only the hackers who frequent the dark web."

Maybe this explains:


Submission + - Taxing junk food: A new public health campaign against obesity ( 2

ericjones12398 writes: "Today, many developed and developing countries including European Union nations, Australia, South Africa, Egypt, Turkey, Bangladesh and Vietnam apply excise taxes on unhealthy products. Research has shown that both for tobacco and alcohol, excise taxes are an effective way of reducing consumption. With respect to tobacco, a 10 percent price increase in cigarettes is shown to reduce demand by 4 percent in high-income countries and by 8 percent in low-middle income countries. Taxes imposed on cigarettes have not only prevented people from starting to smoke, but have also reduced rates of relapse for those who recently quit smoking."

Submission + - 'Big brother' black boxes to soon be mandatory in all new cars (

zacharye writes: Beginning in 2015, all new cars in the United States will likely need to be fitted with data-recording “black boxes” very similar to the devices currently used in aircraft. The U.S. Senate has already passed a bill that will make the devices a requirement, and the House is expected to approve the bill as well. Section 31406 of Senate Bill 1813 states that mandatory event data recorders must in installed in all cars starting in 2015, and it outlines civil penalties that will be levied against violators...

Submission + - Anonymous creates service to share apple ipods (

An anonymous reader writes: It may be a crude interface, ugly even, but Anonymous are delivering on their promise to create a music platform. With a simple player built already and a few services to play music the platform positions itself in an unusual position.

Recently Anonymous unveiled a new feature to allow users to import the contents of their Apple ipod. The software works by scanning for ipods and then uploading the contents of the music database to Anontune. The song titles then show up on a profile page and can be played through the Anontune Music Engine.

Pretty neat.

Submission + - European Commission Betrays Open Standards ( 2

Glyn Moody writes: The final version [.pdf] of the important Digital Agenda for Europe has been leaked – and shows that the European Commission has betrayed open standards. Where an earlier draft [.doc] had an entire section headed “Open Standards and Interoperability”, the latest version only uses the word “open” once in the corresponding section “Interoperability and standards.” It also contains nonsense like this: “Every IT product or service relies on one or more standards. Interoperability between these standards is the only way to make our lives and doing business easier – smoothing the way to a truly digital society.” But it's not interoperability *between* standards that is important – that's just engineering – but interoperability between *implementations* of a given standard: that's where the battles are, as the history of HTML and ODF has shown. So, are they fools or knaves?

Submission + - Google to Answer your Questions Directly (

RabbitWho writes: "Google (NSDQ: GOOG), which just last week launched a redesign of its search results page, is now introducing some changes to the content of its results too. The company says it will directly answer 'millions of different fact-seeking searches' with short answers at the top of its results. Search for 'Catherine Zeta-Jones date of birth', for instance, and the date shows up at the top, along with where Google is pulling the information from. Google says the feature is based on Google Squared, the experimental search tool it rolled out a year ago that gathers facts from the around the web and presents them in an organized way. "

Submission + - AMD unveils laptop and desktop platforms for 2010 (

An anonymous reader writes: Gamers should see six-core desktop PCs with a price below $1,000 this year, according to AMD, which has unveiled an overhaul of its laptop and desktop platforms for 2010. The new lineup introduces updates to its ultra-thin and mainstream laptop technologies and extends its Vision branding to desktop PCs for the first time. Highlights of the new platforms include quad-core processors that can be used in slimline laptops, and the six core Vision Black specification for gamers. Vision Black combines the recently introduced six-core Phenom II with dual or quad Crossfire capability, which allows users to boost graphics performance with multiple graphics accelerators.

Submission + - Google Apps + Cloud Computing Microsoft Office? (

joelsteph22 writes: Is the speed and real-time collaboration of Google Apps enough to take a piece of Microsoft’s enterprise market? Will Google’s low cost of entry be enough to entice the enterprise market towards Google Apps? Is Microsoft’s enterprise market share to large to ever be threatened? These questions and more are what Microsoft is pondering on a daily basis. On the other hand, all Google really cares about is that Microsoft is pondering Google.

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