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Comment Re:very few new movies worth seeing (Score 1) 222

>> Hollywood is going down the toilet.

I think they are just riding along on a LOT of weight and momentum and a death-grip on the industry (a lot like Microsoft), but the more I think about Hollywood eventually failing the more I think that would actually be a good thing. That said I'm sure they won't ever totally go away, they'll just transfer over to streaming or whatever current trend/mechanism they can use on hang on.

Comment Re:Nothing to worry about (Score 1) 71

Thats awesome, both because he taught that parasite a lesson he won't soon forget, and because they didn't arrest your flatmate.
In states that respect freedom like here in AZ, we can pretty much just shoot the fuckers like the vermin they are, but in liberal states like Californistan, if you defend yourself or your property there's a more than equal chance that it will actually be you not the burglar that will be arrested/punished.
BTW I'm guessing you must be a Brit like me (originally at least) since you mentioned "QC".

Comment Re:Nothing to worry about (Score 2) 71

Yeah. If you live in a state that hasn't already taken your 2nd amendment rights away, Its definitely worth being properly prepared (both informed and equipped) to handle such incidents.
The reality is that you may only have seconds to defend yourself. Expecting the Police to always be there to defend you is naive at best.

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