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Union Boycotts LA Times Over Teacher Evaluation Disclosure 629

Atypical Geek writes "According to Newsweek, the local teachers union is infuriated over the disclosure of teacher performance metrics. Quoting: 'Do parents have the right to know which of their kids' teachers are the most and least effective? That's the controversy roaring in California this week with the publication of an investigative series by the Los Angeles Times's Jason Song and Jason Felch, who used seven years of math and English test data to publicly identify the best and the worst third- to fifth-grade teachers in the Los Angeles Unified School District. The newspaper's announcement of its plans to release data later this month on all 6,000 of the city's elementary-school teachers has prompted the local teachers' union to rally members to organize a boycott of the newspaper.' According to the linked Times article, United Teachers Los Angeles president A.J. Duffy said the database was 'an irresponsible, offensive intrusion into your professional life that will do nothing to improve student learning.'"

Comment Re:It's been, what, 30 years? (Score 1) 385

Well, we have to produce electricity from something. Being against building anything at all is not a solution. Neither is conservation. You cannot power your computer on energy conservation. The power must come from somewhere to begin with. Environmentalists are against usually against coal plants, nuclear plants, hydroelectric plants. Yes hydro. Sometimes the argument is think about the fish which cannot swim upstream, other times it is think of the destroyed sunken ecosystems, other times it is dead plant matter at the bottom causing CO2 and methane emissions. Wind power is noise pollution and dead birds. Geothermal causes earthquakes. Solar pollutes water streams because of the solvents used in silicon manufacturing. So yeah, make sure to keep burning that natural gas.

Comment Re:Cue the teabaggers. (Score 1) 807

If it costs $10^12 to *attempt* to prevent it and $10^8 to adapt, plus we can bring about a bunch of good with the rest of the funds, it's a no-brainer to me. Admittedly, I pulled those numbers out of mid-air, but it's just an illustration of the options we should consider.

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