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Submission + - 3D Printer Hype (

JumpSocial writes: I'm getting a bit tired of hearing people talk about 3D printers as if it's a home based factory. I think the media has over cooked this one a bit. There are much better technologies for making things. Besides, 3D printing isn't even new. What's new is the consumer grade machines. But they are very weak compared to other means of making things.

Submission + - Artists Drive Me Nuts. Red's Not a Paint Primary . (

JumpSocial writes: Artists are all Red-Yellow-Blue when it comes to primary colors and color theory. You can't mix many colors from those so I made up this explanation of color.

I now enjoy this discussion at dinner parties since I can roll out this Web page which so far has been reasonably convincing.

Anything to add to this?

Submission + - The design of things ( 1

JumpSocial writes: I'm revising instructions for a model air plane. What to do about Step 5 and 6? S5 and S6 are the creation of the Fin (aka Rudder I'm gluing the Fin Leading Edge to a piece of tissue, then gluing the assembly onto the body of the airplane (the body is aka Motor Stick). I'm entertaining having them reverse the order of steps. glue tissue to the motor stick then the Fin Leading Edge to that. Would that be simpler?

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