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Journal Journal: Then vs Than, damnit! (Grammar Nazi) 1

Learn to use then and than. They are not equal!

1. I would rather eat ice cream then get poked in the eye by a sharp stick.
2. I would rather eat ice cream than get poked in the eye by a sharp stick.

Two totally different meanings:
1. You say that you prefer to eat ice cream and get poked in the eye with a sharp stick.
2. You say that you prefer to eat ice cream instead of getting poked in the eye with a sharp stick.

So now do you see why you look like an idiot if you don't know which word to use?

then ~ next
than ~ instead

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Journal Journal: Royalties For Hardware

Imagine if hardware manufacturers used the same business model
as the Movie and Music Industries. You get a license to use the hardware
each time you put in a piece of media you pay royalties to the manufacturer
for the use of the equipment.

Having worked in the hardware industry, I would love to receive royalties.
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Journal Journal: Predictions of Doom 2

There was a time they trained us to "Duck And Cover" to protect
ourselves from nuclear attack. (helpful I am sure)
Then we were told of the coming food riots.
Then of the coming Ice Age.
Next we were told to fear the hole in the ozone.
Don't forget the dire warnings of the breakdown in society due to Y2K.
We were told how to seal our houses, to protect against terrorist biological attack.

Now we are to fear GLOBAL WARMING.

Or could this be the way that the powers-that-be keep we the sheeple from
seeing what is really going on? If that is so, then we are being controlled
by fear. Is there no difference between our government and terrorists.

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