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Submission + - Top Five Tips for Apprentice Programmers (

blackbearnh writes: "In his new book, Apprenticeship Patterns, author David Hoover argues that the apprenticeship model is the most valuable way to get new developers productive quickly. One of the seemingly paradoxical tips he offers is to seek out projects where you will be the most junior person, rather than ones where you will be top dog. 'For me, I didn't really get good solid mentorship until I was able to leave that company and get to another company where I could basically try to be the worst. I wanted to get onto a team where I wasn't the three-year programmer who was suddenly senior application developer. I wanted to be on a team where as a three-year programmer, I was junior. And then I got to pair with people that had written books about test-driven development and people that were authors of successful open source projects.'"

Comment This is truly sad (Score 5, Informative) 234

The work that the code breakers at Bletchley park did prevented a lot of Ally deaths. When the Germans instituted using the 4-wheel enigma it was impossible to tell what the U-boats were doing out in the Atlantic Ocean. Because of this, supply boats going to the U.K. were being sunk at a high rate, unable to avoid the U-boats, eventually the Brits could have been forced out of the battle (no war supplies == no war). Near the end of 1942 however, some documented daily settings on the new 4-wheel enigma were pulled off of a sunken U-boat in the Mediterranean allowing german naval deciphers to be broken. Through the man-power, knowledge, and tools available at Bletchley, they could decipher and relay german naval messages (at least in the Atlantic) to high command often within hours of obtaining them. After this, supply ships in the Atlantic were nearly invisible to German U-boats. The monthly settings booklets still had to be retrieved to continue this, but through missions and sometimes luck most of them were captured

That's the WWII side of the story (or at least a very small part of it).

The importance to /. is probably that this war was the first time machines were used to cipher messages, and thus machines had to do the deciphering. To break the regular ground enigma's daily settings scientists at Bletchley designed and manufactured the Colossus(es). If you ever see this thing run, especially the interior mechanisms, you'll know this was a great unknown leap towards multi-purpose computing machinery. Unfortunately because of U.K. laws, the work and knowledge of those at Bletchley couldn't be released until sometime in the 80's (I think)


Apple Sued Over Fundamental iTunes Model 257

tuxgeek writes "A suit was filed Wednesday against Apple over the possibility that the iTunes music store and iPod are 'illegally using a patented method for distributing digital media over the Internet.' ZapMedia Services filed the suit, accusing the well-known OS and computer manufacturer of violating patents obtained just recently. 'The patents in question cover a way of sending music and other digital content from servers to multiple media players, a broad description that could also apply to a wide swath of other companies selling digital media and the devices to play it. ZapMedia said it met with Apple to discuss licensing, but Apple rebuffed the offer.'"
Operating Systems

Submission + - What are your normal re-installs after a reformat?

Joshua W Ferguson writes: "I own a MacBook and am reformatting, afterwards I am going to use Bootcamp and get Windows on this machine too. Do you guys have any suggestions about what I software programs I should install afterwards? Developing environments (I'm going to need something for java and VB.NET), games, random helpful programs, I'm just looking to see anything that might be useful, helpful, or fun for either OS."

Little Old Lady Hammers Comcast 416

WheezyJoe writes "The Washington Post reports that a little old lady took a hammer to Comcast. Apparently fed up with the lousy service she received from a botched Comcast installation of "triple-play", and a completely humiliating experience at a customer service center, 75-year-old Mona "The Hammer" Shaw took her claw hammer back to the customer service center and bludgeoned the office equipment into tiny plastic pieces."

Submission + - 10 years of Winamp (

Will Fisher writes: "On 10/10 at 10:10 the 10th anniversary edition of Winamp (version 5.5) was launched. Winamp has been a central part of the mp3 revolution, and is now staging a resurgence. Key features of this new release are a completely new interface (but you can still use all your old winamp skins), album artwork and remote access of your media. Wired has a good write-up of the release."

Submission + - Obama, Ospamma

Moryath writes: My spam traps (email addresses that exist solely to receive spam, for filtration's sake) and my real address have recently seen a ton of mail from the Barack Obama campaign.

Their unsubscribe link does not work; email to the campaign asking them to remove my addresses was responded with a form letter thanking me for "joining" the campaign and asking me to donate money; phone calls have all been hung up on, several times after someone claimed to be "transferring" me to "the person who can fix this."

Why is this allowed? And what response would Slashdotters suggest for a campaign that is obviously unwilling to respect my request NOT to receive their spam?

Submission + - Intel's X38 Chipset Debuts - DDR2 and DDR3 Tested (

bigwophh writes: "It has been quite some time since Intel launched a desktop chipset targeted squarely at PC enthusiasts. Of course, the P965 and current P35 have both been well received by motherboard manufactures and the enthusiast community, but these chipsets were actually designed for the mainstream space. In fact, the 975X Express, which launched almost two years ago, was the last desktop chipset Intel specifically marketed for enthusiasts. With today's launch, however, the Intel desktop chipset line-up gets a new flagship. To lay the foundation for the upcoming arrival of Intel's 45nm processors, the company is officially introducing the X38 chipset. The X38 takes all of the things that have made the P35 a success and adds a slew of new features designed to increase memory and graphics subsystem performance like PCI Express 2.0 support and Intel Extreme Memory technology. One of the motherboards evaluated in this article even features an embedded Linux-based OS that boots in a matter a seconds."

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