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Submission + - SPAM: How To Find A Short Domain Name

An anonymous reader writes: A website that specializes in finding catchy, 5-letter domain names quickly. It lets you play with predefined sets of letters and shows only the available domains, 50 at once, so it's much faster to find something that you can actually buy.
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Submission + - Belgian has to pay 70.000 euro for uploading unreleased cd from Kaiser Chiefs (zdnet.be)

An anonymous reader writes: A 48-year-old man from Harelbeke (Belgium) who uploaded a CD of the band Kaiser Chiefs before the release,will have to pay a compensation of 65.651 euro and a fine of 5.500 euro.

In 2008 the man placed an album by British rock band Kaiser Chiefs on the Internet. The launch of the album was not until two weeks later planned. Tens of thousands of fans downloaded the album and the record companies filed a complaint against unknown persons.

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