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Comment Re:Someone who's not lazy... (Score 1) 319

I have an idea, if you have a small child, don't let them wonder alone in the mountains. I know, responsibility isn't really "hip" these days, but seriously it isn't hard. Cougars aren't really interested in people as food most of the time, and they REALLY aren't interested if there is a full sized adult around. Further, if you live where there are wild cats, you should make sure they have enough food. My grandparents feed the bobcats in their area so that they won't eat the house cats and dogs. They specifically keep chickens on the property for this purpose. It works great, considerably better than trapping, and it doesn't cost much to keep chickens when half your neighbors are farmers.

Comment Re:And it isn't even a large lawn (Score 1) 819

When I read that they were using 299,221 gallons of water, I assumed that they lived on some giant estate. But if you look at the picture of their home, it is a smallish, modest house. Sort of a lot of lawn, but not really.

Unless they have a huge backyard, it sounds like they were pouring water onto their lawn *far* in excess of what it actually needed. (BOTE and a little guesswork yields 10gal/sqft/mo, which is a *lot* of water.)

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