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Comment Re:right idea - Wrong fuel (Score 1) 230

Can't the "waste" from conventional nuclear reactors be, uh, "recycled", for lack of a better word? I thought I read about pilot projects here, where the spent nuclear fuel would be put into a different kind of reactor and continued to emit heat until they finally decayed to something stable (or something with such a small amount of damage that it wouldn't matter).

Comment Re:Wait for windows phone in 2013... (Score 1) 532

Yeah, wait for 2013.

That's TWO years from now. It's been well over a year since Elop killed MeeGo, S60, and Symbian^3 in one shot, and we're barely starting to see nokia ship windows handsets. Really guys? Is this what we've become? Does nobody remember this is exactly how NT got its foot into the door?

And we all know how well that went. Arguably things didn't even start to work out until 2003 and 2008. Ten years. They didn't even deliver on half the promises. Where is Cairo?

Empty promises. Son, I am disappoint.

Comment Re:Poor usability. (Score 1) 702

Whatever happened to that image from ArsTechnica, they had two screenshots, one of Mac OSX, and another of Windows Vista, with typical apps loaded up...

Most of them were by microsoft/apple.

Not a single one looked the same.

"Consistent" my ass. Compare that to GTK2 and Qt.

Comment Re:Question: (Score 1) 326

Second, no matter how drunk he may have been, a man can't seriously claim that he did not consent to sex if he, under no coercion to do so, climbs on top of an unconscious woman, spreads her legs apart and penetrates her. The actions show a deliberate choice to rape the woman.

I guess you've never heard of this:

Today, I had drunk sex with a girl that I barely know. I didn't have a condom and was nervous about getting her pregnant, but she assured me that I could pull out. Right when I was about to pull out, she wrapped her legs around me and yelled : "BE MY BABY'S DADDY!" I couldn't get out in time. FML

what happens then? is it impossible that a girl goes on a guy? yeah, he's the one with the penis, but she's the one who initiated the action.

Comment Cameras ar (Score 1) 825

A lot of Davinci and OMAP chips from TI now feature ISPs. Assuming it's easy to rig this to normal linux software, you could have it react differently based on what it recognises from the video feed (or from still frames).

It would be interesting to have something that could place various "targets" at various "levels". For example, for a stranger, the locks remain shut, and if the user is out, the sensors in the house turn up to 11, and the user gets a phone call letting them know someone's at the house (or a MMS/e-mail might be better, with a photo of who's at the door). Or you could configure it to fire tasers out if you feel like goin' back to jail.

Ideally you'd just have it to recognize when a friendly shows up, so you'd get an alert telling you $friend was at the house.

But the asker has an apartment, so I guess an ISP is a little harder to use, unless he can set up a camera to check outside his door without having it break easily. These sort of things can be networked to a DVR, be it a hardware solution or a mythbox or something.

(I guess all that to show that video cameras are not useless, just not thought out enough)

Comment Re:Already done, thank you very much (Score 1) 148

Could they be looking at an equivalent of Jazelle but for C#?

I don't see microsoft having enough engineers willing to work on an ARM core unless MS has something they want to try and pull the industry with. The idea of an optimized core might make sense, but i'm not sure how much they could change it without running into problems.

Comment Re:It depends? (Score 1) 129

If Nvidia hasn't been allowed to purchase Via's x86 license by that point they are quite frankly out of business.

Apparently, licensing terms for access to the x86 designs forbid it passing to non-US hands. I think VIA is working a loophole here, because Centaur is doing the CPU designs, VIA does the branding, chipsets, and sometimes the motherboards.

However, it might work if nVidia aquired VIA and Centaur, and merged VIA's chipset departments into nvidia's (and segmented them or something) because otherwise they're only looking for Centaur and it ain't going to be pretty. I'm just disappointed in nVidia myself for letting Nano go the way it did, and not partnering GeForce+Nano properly.

Comment Re:What power advantage? (Score 1) 163

What the hell?

Are you only looking at the 4W Atom core? Should I remind you that you have to drag along an 8W+ chipset along with that, whose sole ability is to draw 2D graphics and maybe do light 3D if you don't look at it funny?

Compare that to ARM cores like the Cortex-A9... Dual-core, 600MHz to 2GHz, 45nm, comes with a GPU core (they're usually meh to me, but apparently they're very good at cellphone resolutions), and a DSP that's worth a shit (1080p encode/decode at the same time, and sometimes they're reprogrammable).

Yeah, I believe you when you say the i7 has great performance per watt... but that's to be expected. Atom and the Core 2s just suck on battery life compared to ARM. If they didn't, how do you explain the fact that we were talking like 2-3 hours of battery life for the HP Slate, and yet Notion Ink's Adam should get at least 10 hours (they claim 16, I'm not sure how exactly, if it's 1080p on the internal screen or via an output) and they're similar profiles. And the Adam can still do more!

Comment Re:I am sick of the Conservatives (Score 1) 211


it's barely sucking hollywood cock. it's more like sucking old republican cock. none of their actions are relevant anymore. they do it because they know they could win an election, and nobody wants an election, and it goes into a vicious cycle...

and yes, I did just say we don't want an election... do you realize what that means? it's not even like we're alone. Canadians don't want another election. because we're just too stupid to get out when we can and elect decent members into parliament... everyone seems to have a big business backing them, with few exceptions (David McGuinty is one of the few I recognize as being "ok to good", mostly because of Geist's coverage. Prentice has turned out to not be so bad after all. But the entire landscape needs a shake-up, including our old favourites. I'm tired of seeing situations where a rockstar could come in and slap an iPod tax because he thinks that Canadians pirate too much, while we suffer with shit internet. or that the CRTC can chose to keep canada's telecom industry monopolistic because the head doesn't believe in competition....)

Comment Error about Prentice... (Score 1) 211

Prentice was actually very much for the stance the tech companies in Canada took a while back (don't change the system, just fight the bootleggers and define what's right and wrong).

It's apparently "heritage" (what a crock of shit) minister Moore that has been busting cabinet's balls for a restrictive DMCA-style deployment.

Oh, brownie points for Prentice: apparently he's copied all of his CDs for use on his iPod and doesn't afraid of it. Again, the problem is moore, and the dummies who think that kind of "change" will do anything, other than fit into "change, please?"

Comment Re:There is NO population shortage (Score 1) 269

How many of those 6.7 billion are about to die in the next 30 years? What about in Japan?

Sure, there are 6.7 billion people, but the birth rate is what matters... the Japanese are not having kids, and they will not accept immigrants. Unless you want them to become Eurabia of the East, good luck regrowing the population.

(exagerations are not necessarily abound. poorer palestinian families average what, 10, 12 kids per family? if you're looking at the long-term survival of the Japanese, it's not looking pretty.)

Comment Re:The way to go is up (Score 1) 360

Not quite. They've been draining the water from their neighbours (what do you think they did, the moment they invaded Lebanon? They brought them commerce and in return piped out all of their water) and even that's not enough. (perhaps the biggest reason why there's no peace with Israel and Palestine)

No, the Israelis are just as screwed as everyone else.

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