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Comment Re: Umm no (Score 1) 470

A missile can handle high G turn and acceleration that would kill a human, so yes, missiles would be way more effective than bullets or lasers.

Which is also the reason close range battles would be extremely rare since missiles would dictate battle range

Comment Re:Bust (Score 1) 235

What are you talking about? Windows 8 will run everything Windows 7 and before would run. Just because it doesn't have a Fischer-Price UI doesn't mean you can't use it with a touch screen. And developing for Windows 8 has the lowest cost of entry of any of the platforms, so it would be ludicrous to NOT develop apps that are desktop/tablet friendly for Win8 as well at iOS and Android.

Comment Re:My guess is the digital only versions aren't th (Score 1) 125

Actually, since DC relaunched with their new "52" event, part of the changes included ALL comics being available in print and digital forms on the same day. So it's everything, from Action Comics to mini-series that are available in digital form the same day you can pick it up at a B&M.

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