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Comment Re:Why should I care again? (Score 4, Informative) 109

Actually, this has happened in the UK. I don't think it was legally forced but was more a suggestion from Government ("do it voluntarily or we'll force you"). The reasoning was a bank account is a basic requirement of living in the UK and not having one was making life more expensive for poorer people.

The banks don't push them so you have to ask. And like you suggest you get none of the bullshit - no overdraft, no credit but full online banking, over the counter, etc. And on the plus side, you get no overdraft, no credit and hence no charges.

Comment By commenting, I'm part of the problem (Score 4, Insightful) 123

Shouldn't really comment and give this article the air of publicity, but WTF? Perhaps they should change the name from Slashdot to 'things we read in the news section of our Hotwheels comic'. The headline isn't even true (except in the vaguest lying marketing bastard sense). Its the worst kind of 'regurgitate press release without activating brain' article.

Comment Patenting the obvious...with AR (Score 3, Interesting) 84

I'm no patent expert but from a quick glance the patent basically seems to describe 'using object tracking in AR', with the AR part supposedly making it unique. There's nothing in the patent about the technical measures used yet from a few examples and a picture they claim ownership of tracking any inanimate object and using that info in an AR environment.

Maybe I'm missing something that makes this a worthy patent.

Comment Re:Make it cheaper (Score 1) 218

Maybe the solution here would be to offer Amazon videos separately from the prime membership? Make it cheaper for people who don't want one of the two functionalities, and offer a combined discount to those who want both. That said, there is probably a reason (good or not, but well-thought in any case) behind the current offering.

They sort of do that already. Its called Amazon Prime Video and you can pay for it monthly (£5.99 pm in the UK). Its not really a saving if you pay for the full year, but you can cancel at anytime. I'm pretty sure they also offer a 30 day free trial, so for those that care just wait until the whole season is online then sign up for that.

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