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Comment Re:Sign 'I don't agree' on all HR paperwork (Score 1) 223

I think requiring companies to pay a 50% salary when a non-compete is in effect is brilliant as they can dictate for whom you can work (and, as such, the ability earn a comparable salary).

I totally agree. Its pretty scary the power they seem to have in this.

In the UK a non compete (or any restrictive covenant) will generally be held invalid by a court unless they can prove it is reasonable and necessary to protect legitimate business interests. This means they can't prevent you from carrying out your chosen profession, can't have blanket statements such as 'not allowed to work for any competitor' and must only last as long as is required to protect those interests and no longer. It pretty much means you can't have one-size-fits all non-competes and you can really only prevent people from poaching clients if they leave.

What that means is that, unless you are an exec with access to trade secrets, a non-compete is pretty much useless and unenforceable.

(IANAL, etc, etc)

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