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Submission + - Core Reality Hacker - New Science and Reality Web Series (

Jonah Hex writes: "I am proud to officially announce our latest web series, Core Reality Hacker!

This is the culmination of many discussions into how to share the non-fictional conglomeration of science, biology, technology, psychology, arts, sexuality, and any geeky/nerdy (or even just interesting) subjects, Core Reality Hacker aspires to encompass and incorporate them all while keeping the fun and excitement of learning and sharing.

Check out the first three mini sections of Poetesse presenting how to make a DIY Phlebotomy Training Arm! Once we finish filming the rest next weekend we’ll compact them into one or two clips. We also have a series of mini lectures on various medical and anatomy related topics that Poetesse has used in teaching medical students, and from the storyboards she has done they will be informative and hilarious.

While the “Obscure Delusion” part of the site and project deals with fiction based in science and reality, a large part of the site’s purpose and group dynamic is non-fiction discussion, teaching, and learning. We take our inspiration from both the past and present methods and systems while keeping up on new research in related fields:

Educational Systems at all levels / Writer and Artist Correspondence and Workshops
The Open University / MIT OpenCourseWare / Khan Academy
Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) Online Forums & Local Munches / LifeHacker /
Do It Yourself (DIY) / Do It With Others (DIWO) / Maker / Hackerspace
Open Source / Creative Commons / the Public Domain

Part of what makes these systems work is open participation, and there will be many opportunities to help out or create your own videos!"

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