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Comment Android developer community (Score 1) 383

The Android community is an absolute disorienting cesspool of random stuff flying around. Links to patches and roms are distributed in a seemingly random manner on a host of different more or less dubious file sharing services, making it fairly difficult to find something actually usable for your phone. Do you see any way to fix this situation in the future, making it easier to patch/update your phone?

Comment Re:Time to fork Git? (Score 1) 710

Its like you guys have no clue what history is ... that or you like watching failure repeat itself time and time again. Show me 'community driven' that didn't fail in the first year, go ahead, you can look for a while, we'll wait.

I'm going to go ahead and guess that you're going to call every place where someone somewhere has been paid to be involved 'not community driven' even if there are only a very few people being paid. So no thanks.

Comment Re:I know exactly what happened. (Score 1) 710

This was good idea.

I absolutely disagree that this was good idea. Buying into the wifes drama and secrets makes no sense. This is a typical situation that you don't escalate anywhere. Don't talk to your co-workers about it, don't discuss it. Pretend it didn't happen and continue your work. The wife is bonkers, do not play along at any level.

this isn't about her being female.

I agree that her situation with the wife and the hula hoops aren't really a sexism thing, but the coworker that started reverting her patches silently after professing his love certainly is. The problem with the pathes should be easy enough to show, but it's going to be difficult proving that he actually did confess his love.

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