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Submission + - Blackhat, Defcon, BSidesLV Survival Tips - Largest Hacker Event in the World (spiderlabs.com)

brennantom writes: "We are quickly approaching the largest security conference week on the planet. July 25th will start a string of concurrent events that include Black Hat USA, BSides Las Vegas, DEF CON 20, and DEF CON Skytalks.

The members of the Trustwave SpiderLabs team have been attending and speaking at these events for many years, so we thought it would be a good idea to give everyone some tips. These will be especially helpful for those who are making the trek to Vegas for the very first time."


Submission + - Beyond Apache: ModSecurity for IIS/Nginx is Coming (spiderlabs.com)

Crambone writes: ModSecurity is the most widely used Web Application Firewall out there. It's Open Source as well and for more than a decade only ran on Apache. Next week Microsoft and Trustwave SpiderLabs will be releasing ModSecurity for IIS and Nginx at the Black Hat USA security conference in Las Vegas.

Comment Re:The C Programming Disease (Score 1) 216

Ah, another pontificating buffoon who has never used or seen smalltalk.

Hot flash from the newsroom, genius - ObjectiveC is an extension of C. If you want to use the features of C or call regular C code, you can. Indeed, for some features, such as CALayers, that is the only way to do it.

Now, if you are more comfortable with C++, keep programming in it. Skip the iPhone development a stick to Windows.

Freaking language snobs. Right tool for the job. I use C, Java, ObjectiveC and even a bit of various scripting languages daily. Get over yourself, honestly.

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