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Submission + - 800-year-old Farmers Could Teach us How to Protect the Amazon (

fishmike writes: "In the face of mass deforestation of the Amazon, recent findings indicate that we could learn from its earliest inhabitants who managed their farmland sustainably. An international team of archaeologists and paleoecologists, including Dr. Mitchell Power, curator of the Garrett Herbarium at the Natural History Museum of Utah and assistant professor in the Department of Geography at the University of Utah, report for the first time that indigenous people, living in the savannas around the Amazonian forest, farmed without using fire. These findings are published today, April 9, 2012, in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences."

Submission + - Psyko offers new approach to surround sound headph 1

EconolineCrush writes: Surround sound makes games and movies much more immersive, but it hasn't translated well to headphones. No one's come up with a surround headphone design that's really caught on, and software-based speaker virtualization schemes don't always work right. Psyko Audio Labs thinks it's solved the problem with a new 5.1-channel headset that uses waveguides to direct sound accurately to the user's ear from five discrete speakers mounted in the headband. It's a unique approach, and one that reportedly offers a lot of positional audio precision. However, the heaphones appear to otherwise have rather poor sound quality, which seems like a tough pill to swallow given their $300 asking price.

Submission + - AMD's new Phenom X3 triple-core processors reviewe

Dr. Damage writes: AMD's Phenom X3 processors are essentially quad-core chips with one core disabled, sacrificed for the cause of product segmentation. The X3 extends the Phenom lineup to under 150 bucks. Can AMD gain ground on Intel's very potent dual-core CPUs by offering a third core? Does a non-power-of-two core count make sense? The Tech Report finds out.

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