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Submission + - Dubai debuts the world's first fully 3D-printed building (inhabitat.com)

Taffykay writes: Dubai has taken an enormous leap forward with a groundbreaking new building that was printed in just 17 days. A 3D printer measuring 20 feet high, 120 feet long, and 40 feet wide was used to create the temporary office building, which comes complete with all modern amenities and energy-saving features.

Submission + - Windows 10 upgrade activates by clicking red X close button in prompt message (bbc.co.uk)

Raging Bool writes: In a move guaranteed to annoy many people, MS has "jumped the shark" on encouraging users to upgrade to Windows 10. From the article: "Microsoft has faced criticism for changing the pop-up box encouraging Windows users to upgrade to Windows 10. Clicking the red cross on the right hand corner of the pop-up box now activates the upgrade instead of closing the box."
What are they thinking of?

Comment mess (Score 1) 2

that is on par with the royal mess called Microsoft

i have had to reinstall win 7 twice do to Windows shooting it's SELF in the head with a 45 cal .
i have OpensSUSE and Scientific on a box with win7

the first time win IGNORED my "notify only" and auto upgraded ( tried and FAILED) "win update" and started a reboot -- into GRUB2 the default

what came out the other side was not pretty

YOU NEED to reset the bios to set windows bootloader as default
then boot into windows

if windowes is not the first partition on the first drive
the current state of updates WILL KILL THE INSTALL!!!!!!!!!
the current win updates need to be able to write th the WINDOWS MBR and reboot into it

basically Microsoft is making a royal F'ING MESS if you dual boot

the upside is i will NEVER!!!!!! be reinstalling windows ever again

if a update shoots it's self
windows is off the machine


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