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Comment Re:Don't be a douche (Score 1) 551

I'm in sales and I've told a customer X feature will be ready by a certain date, and then without warning the dev team pushes it back several months, I'm screwed.

Status reports don't protect sales from dev pushing back features. And I have *never* seen a sales guy read an engineer's status report.

One of the parents is right about

To take the lawyer example, the senior partner reviews the associate's draft. He's looking at the work, not a status report.

Managers should be reviewing the engineer's work, not their status reports. Status reports are inefficient because they are write once, read once. Read once because the manager reads it once, sends status to his boss, and throws the thing away.

I'm a team lead of about 10 engineers, and I spend more than half my day on email with other devs. 99% of the conversations are public. That paper trail is productive in terms of making progress on the product, *and* useful for the manager to figure out what we're doing.

The Internet

Submission + - Signaling 37signals. The web2.0 down fall

Abhishek Parolkar writes: "I have been a fan of 37signals, their babies- Rails, basecamp, writeboard are just amazing apps. But I have a true story to share today, I am upset about a fact I discovered an hour ago. 37signals, unknowingly is playing with trust of many companies. is a tool used by many people to collaborate and communicate. if you are using it then I am sure , after reading this blog post, you will give it a thought before you rely on any third party tool like writeboard. So let me share my story of discovery...

I was browsing and doing a google search casually, for finding info about few people I met this week. I suddenly reached to a link pointing to , This page asks for authentication! but Oooops google cache for the same page doesn't! unfortunately it presented me html of a whole communication of a team regarding a product development of a well known company. That says that google has cached those urls... It opened every thing the team did for the project... (poor team, they blindly believed that their ideas are safe!). I found that google has cached these set of urls very recently...

if you want to test this...
follow these steps:

1.) go to google or gigablast and search for

2.) go to cached page of any result following url pattern similar to 01c01896eb0fedd01adc8e

3.) You should see some content as html source... just create wakeup37.html and copy this content, save and open in your browser

Wake up 37signals!

- Abhishek Parolkar"

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