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Comment Re:Mandatory (Score 1) 273

The downside of a duress code which actively destroys data, is that if LEOs find any proof that it is there, that's a destruction of evidence charge.

Only if what you're destroying is evidence, and they can prove it. In my case, I am not engaging in any illegal behavior, so there's nothing on my phone that is "evidence". I have a kill code simply to keep my private papers private.

Comment Re:garbage article (Score 1) 319

The problem isn't really changing the API itself so much. That's painful, but I understand it. The problem is that it looks like the new API will not allow as much control, making certain essential extensions technically impossible (or nearly so). This is, admittedly, supposition based on rumor, and could very well be incorrect. That's why I'm including so many weasel words. Only time will tell.

Comment Re:Probably should have focused more (Score 1) 319

For the past several years, Mozilla has seemed to let broad ideology drive its decisions.

You do understand that this has been the express purpose and intention of Mozilla from day 1, right? It's not some kind of trap they fell into.

I also commend them for fighting the good fight against h.264. It's too bad we lost, but that's the shakes sometimes.

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