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Comment Re:In Germany, lights work that way (Score 5, Informative) 203

No. If you are in the intersection box when the light turns red, you have just committed a moving violation and can (and should be) ticketed for it. Despite popular belief, you are not supposed to enter the intersection unless you can proceed through it before the light turns red. DMV driving testers will fail drivers that drive that way.

No, you are definitely supposed to enter the intersection when making a left then turn on yellow or red. You will get dinged on your driving test if you do not do so. At least in California, maybe it varies by state. But that is how you are supposed to do it here.

To quote a CHP officer

"If a person is driving straight through an intersection (NOT TURNING) law requires a motorist to enter the intersection, only when there is enough room to completely traverse the intersection. For drivers making a left turn, this rule does not apply! If a driver faces a green light, they are authorized to enter the intersection and wait for clearance to complete their turn. HOWEVER, the driver is not allowed to enter the intersection for a left turn if they are facing a yellow light."

Comment Re:No food magic at all (Score 1) 300

If "organic" means no-pesticides, then I'm all for it, where I can afford it. "Natural" on the package doesn't mean anything useful and it probably will always be a junk marketing term. I use "natural" to mean anything that you could find while wandering around on the planet. Of course, then, arsenic is natural, so that isn't a good enough criteria by itself.

Except organic does _not_ mean no pesticides, it means they are using decades old formulations of pesticides that were pretty arbitrarily certified organic with little research, rhyme or reason. They require a lot more chemicals to be effective than modern, better researched and more effective pesticides. If you are eating organic to avoid pesticides, you are doing it wrong. They often have more pesticides than normal food since they are restricted to less effective pesticides and are going to be worse for you than modern equivalents that were designed to be safe.

some good info with hard examples of how much more pesticide is needed for organic farming.

Comment Re:White Hat (Score 2) 307

That discretion is based on quality of evidence. If the evidence is clear, there is no choice. Its not the movies.

Completely, utterly not true. The DA has fully discretion on what to prosecute. And political reasons are a huge part of deciding whether to do so or not. [1]

Not only does the DA have the freedom to not prosecute, a jury can declare someone not guilty they know is guilty if they believe the law itself or the punishment that will happen if declared guilty is unjust. [2]


Comment Re:This... (Score 1) 244


If an insurance company can perform a relatively inexpensive gene therapy and even slightly reduce the chance of a hugely expensive heart bypass, hip replacement, or long term care later they would jump on it in a minute. They may even waive the copay if it is that effective. Many insurance companies do this for drugs that help later in life like statins now as is to encourage people to take them before they have to pay out a huge bill later.

As to relatively inexpensive, She underwent a fairly normal gene therapy that just has not been done on humans before, to quote the article it is something a student could whip up in a few days in a lab and nothing that out of the ordinary.

Comment Simple Doomsday Detector (Score 1) 92

Just stick one of these in a box with an LED. if the LED is on, it's doomsday.

"Maxwell’s radiation-hardened, hybrid, Nuclear Event Detectors (NED) sense ionizing radiation pulses generated by a nuclear event, such as the detonation of a nuclear weapon, and rapidly switches its output from the normal high state to a low state with a propagation delay time of less than 20ns."

Comment sigh, false dichotomy (Score 1) 160

I know it makes articles sound more dramatic and controversial, but sometimes the answer is obvious:

"So, does DoCoMo need to invest more in its infrastructure, or is Android a data hog that needs reigning in?"

The answer is clearly "both". Apps and android should optimize their data usage, doing so increases battery life and gives a better user experience all around. If DoCoMo is identifying particularly troublesome apps, then that is helpful to decide where to start hacking. _Also_, DoCoMo should be upgrading its infrastructure. It is clear that data use will only rise, and they certainly would like to have more customers, apps reducing their usage is a good thing, and will create a better experience, but not a solution to the problem that people actually have uses for all that data, and said usage will grow.

Comment Re:Or do they have this totally backward.... (Score 1) 265

However they can tell by the serial number whether that iPad is fresh from the factory or restocked after a return.

It would be odd if 10 iPads shipped in different shipments, some used and returned without the customer before claiming it was made of clay all happend to be returned for being made of clay at once.

Comment Re:Stupid question from crypto-newb (Score 2) 45

Determining whether two boolean circuits are equivalent is a famously difficult problem to solve. In fact, it can be reduced to SAT ( which was the very first algorithm that was shown to be NP-complete, which in general means it is impractical to solve on real computers.

Comment Re:check your assumption at the door (Score 1) 103

Not really. Your lifting power can never be more than the weight of air it displaces and hydrogen is already a whole lot less dense than air. If you do the math a complete vacuum will only lift about 7% more than hydrogen. Even then I don't think there is any technology that will give us light containers that can withstand vacuum pressures of any usable size.

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