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Journal Journal: Silly IBM ad 2

The IBM ad that is showing today, "How are you building a smarter planet?" I replied "Plant brains." I doubt that will make it by the moderators.

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Journal Journal: dev./ 3

I dunno about others, but I am getting the impression that /. develops on its production servers or it is 0wn3d.

I am getting javascript errors that D2 doesn't exist. Therefore, I can't mod anything up or down.

When clicking to expand a comment, it brings it up in a completely new page with only that comment and it's children (I hope this is a bug and not a new feature, it is annoying)

I am seeing the right column disappearing, no ads at times (I like ads :) ) and sometimes missing formatting of pages (bad/missing CSS)

This is happening in IE and Firefox. Firefox on Mac, IE on PC (of course).

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Journal Journal: Boobie Beer

There is a Bulgarian lager that claim their beer has been brewed specifically to make women's breasts larger.

see story here

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Journal Journal: Bush wins

Bush won the election. 4 more years of the same. Personally, at this point I think 4 more years of the same is a good thing. Maybe I'll look back on this posting in 4 years and say what the heck was I thinking.

I have a few perdictions:
1. Gas at the pump will be around $3.50 per gallon in 4 years.
2. We will attack another county. Personall I think it will be North Korea or Iran.
3. Something big will happen in Saudi Arabia.
4. Isreal will get one step closer to peace with Palistine.
5. Mexicans who are here illegally will be naturlized and giving blessing to stay in this country.
6. A non-Republican governor will be elected in Florida.

But then again, those are just my perdictions.

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Journal Journal: Not much happening

Not much happening today. Just hanging out. I did write a letter to my state rep and senators requesting that they support the NRA in removing the Clinton era gun bans. Other than that I've just been working hard to pay bills.
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Journal Journal: YAM..

Yet Another Monday...

Ho humm.. work is going along, keeping me busy. Been working on a hard drive upgrade now for several hours, what fun what fun. Then after installing a hard drive at a remote site I could no longer use terminal services to connect, after looking around I found the error. I explained to the client WEEKS ago that they needed to apply Service Pack 4 and all the post updates to avoid problems, and no they didn't listen. They are running SP2 on W2k Server. Ugg, what fun, so I walked someone through upgrading to SP4 over the phone. I only hope it works.

Nothing else is really going on. I'm pretty tired because I stayed up all night playing XBOX trying to beat the Meat Locker level in Rainbow Six Three with 3 other guys. Needless to say at 2am we still had not completed the mission so I went to bed.

Anyhooo.. just figured I'd post... Oh look, the servers rebooting.. wonder if thats a good think :)

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Journal Journal: Disney World

Over Thanksgiving weekend the wife and I drove from Maryland to Orlando. Visited some friends down their and took a quick tour of Disney! That was a blast!

And now it's back to the grinding stone. Work has been keeping me busy, I love my new job! My last employer actually sent me my final reembursement check **SHOCK!!** I really didn't think they'd send the $45 to me, but they did. Now lets see if the check is made of rubber!!!

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Journal Journal: NYC, the big apple.. help.. I'm a sim!!!

How many of you guys have found yourself in New York City? Well, I was their last friday and I swear I was a sim in simcity! I took the train into the city, taxi to the office, up 15 floors, worked, down 15 floors, walked to the train station, and then went home to a different city (attached neighbor I think you call it).

My day as a sim..


Journal Journal: What a day

It's been a long week and it's only Wednesday. Lots of exciting stuff is happening, i'll be meeting with a local representative to see if I can help him out in his 2004 campaign. That should be a lot of fun. Friday I'll be in New York City for work, trying to find a new network administrator.

Journal Journal: Conspiracy

About 5000 people died in France this last week, Could this be a Conspiracy? Maybe.. here are the facts:

The French and German governments did not support the Americans with this last Gulf war. The French, for the most part, hate the Americans (and even the Germans). Lots of Americans feel like "Hey France, next time you get invaded don't come to us, go ask the Germans, they already know the way to Paris."

So, with 5,000 French dead due to heat, could this be something more? Maybe it's simply the Hubbel Teliscope redirecting the energy of the sun using it's solar pannels and aiming it down at France causing the heat to increase? Maybe it's the CIA undercover with some new operation to try and kill off the french making it look like a heat problem.

Lots of maybes, what do you think?

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Journal Journal: Bike Ride

wow.. we road about 200 miles today on our motorcycle. That was a very interesting ride. It must have been 85 degrees and the sun was beating down on us.. hot hot hot. We then crossed the bay bridge and it started raining and must of dropped down to about 70. uggg.. we got soaked!!! We stopped at K-Mart and got some rain geer, dryed off, and headed home.
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Journal Journal: bike ride

Took the bike for a ride today. Picked up some saddle bags and a few cool biker shirts :)

My wife started watching "The West Wing". I think she's hooked now, oh great. Oh well.

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Journal Journal: Beach

We took a ride to the beach on Saturday. That was nice. Got to see a part of the Potomac river we hadn't seen before.

Work tomorrow. lots to do. I hope I'll get everything that I want done.

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Journal Journal: Jeep

My Jeep got broken into... I just ordered all my stuff from the check the insurance company sent me. I also got one of those Tuffy steel overhead concils. I guess I'll see how that works. I still need to order a replacement CB radio and also buy a new GPS. I think I'm gonna get a different kind of GPS, maybe a headless one. Not sure how I'm gonna hook the thing up yet.

I have my car alarm installed. It's really damn good. I can go topless and if you stick your hand through the open window you'll set off the alarm.

well.. last day of my vacation. I can't wait to go back onto vacation... blahh, guess I'll have to wait a long time for that.

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