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Submission + - A DIY 3D sensor with open-source support (

avxo writes: While scoping out GDC, I ran across the team behind the DUO, a 3D sensor that they are recently unveiled. We got to talking, and they showed me a live demo, which was, for lack of a better term amazing. The accuracy and speed at which they were able to track my fingers and the erratic motions I was making was flat out insane, and some of the "natural UI" demos with games make the Kinect look like something from the 80s. What surpr me was the intensity of those guys and their desire to license their sensor under Creative Commons and to support Linux with a driver. They're currently in the process kickstarting the production of the sensor, so if we, as an open source community, want a good and open solution that caters to those of us who want to tinker, supporting them seems like a good idea.
Portables (Apple)

Submission + - Free Software-only SIM Unlock for the iPhone

coasterfan writes: Put away your soldering irons! Charlie Sorrel at the Wired Gadget lab reports that the iPhone Dev team has released a free, open source unlock for the iPhone. Engadget has the story behind it. A complete tutorial for use with a computer running OS X is available at MacApper.

Submission + - When $612 Million Isn't Enough (

Moby writes: "So much for the notion of paying someone to make them go away. After Research In Motion settled with wireless email patent holder NTP for $612.5 million in March 2006, most people would have thought that would be the last they heard of the small private company. But the lawyers are back from their vacation and going after even deeper pockets. In a recent federal court filing, NTP now wants to take on the four main U.S. wireless carriers"

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