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Submission + - Zeus Comes to the BlackBerry (

Trailrunner7 writes: Researchers have found several samples of a new version of the mobile version of the Zeus malware, with these newest ones targeting the BlackBerry platform. BlackBerry has not been a common target for attackers, despite the high-value user base of corporate executives and government officials, but that may be changing now with this new version of Zitmo targeting RIM's devices.

In the past, Zitmo variants have masqueraded as banking security applications or security add-ons. In the case of the new version targeting BlackBerrys, the app shows up on an infected phone as "Zertifikat". When the victim runs the app, it displays a message in German telling her that the installation was successful and showing an activation code for the app. That attack is designed to circumvent the out-of-band authentication systems used by some banks, particularly in Europe, that involve the bank sending the user a one-time password via SMS. The more recent variants of Zitmo aren't that picky. They just gobble up all of the incoming SMS messages and push them out to the C&C, according to an analysis of the new Zitmo variants by Denis Maslennikov, a researcher at Kaspersky Lab. The two C&C numbers being used in the latest attack both are located in Sweden.

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