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Submission + - Open Source Television (

jonniee writes: The Neuros LINK is essential a quiet x86 PC running Ubuntu Linux with an ATI graphics card delivering video via VGA, DVI, and HDMI output. What makes the LINK such a compelling platform for these folks and Linux/open source developers in general is the recognition that a real business entity is stepping forward to spend the money necessary to market and commercialize what tech enthusiasts have been doing for years.

Submission + - Neuros and TI Launch Open Video Platform/Bounties (

JoeBorn writes: "Texas Instruments has joined forces with Neuros Technology, an open-source video device manufacturer, to promote development of an open-source software platform for video hardware and set-top boxes. This platform, which will enable HD playback and recording, will open up the television as a development target and give community and third-party developers the ability to build applications for the TV. The bounty program will be paying cash to developers who implement specific features, and reflects an increased interest from TI in building ties with the open source software community on top of its hardware components. Are community-focused bounties an effective way to introduce large, traditionally closed companies to the open source community?"
Hardware Hacking

Submission + - TI, Neuros partner on OSS DVR, media platform (

Lenny writes: Neuros and Texas Instruments are teaming up on the development of an OSS platform for video hardware and set-top boxes. The goal is an open platform and application development stack that can be used across different devices. Neuros CEO Joe Born likens it to a new distro for set-top boxes: '"TI and Neuros are, in essence, sponsoring the development of a complete distribution of Linux for a set-top box. The cooperation with Neuros means that there will be a complete reference design, distribution all the way to a consumer branded device that's available directly at retail to consumers," Born told Ars. "When done, it will be a complete open platform that will allow developers of all levels to contribute and port applications. Our goal is to have a web browser so that participation using only web tools is possible."'

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