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Comment read the news (Score 1) 604

Just because the swine flu is giving healthy adults trouble doesn't mean the children and elderly get out free, as noted by the child who died this morning.

Mexican labs can detect the flu, they are just swamped with so many cases and the tests takes some hours.

As of the time you wrote your post:

- Deaths: 159, all in Mexico, 26 confirmed as swine flu and rest suspected.

- Sickened: 2,498 suspected or confirmed in Mexico; 66 confirmed in U.S.; 13 confirmed in Canada; two confirmed in Scotland; 14 confirmed in New Zealand; two confirmed in Spain; and two confirmed in Israel.

- Confirmed U.S. cases, by state: 45 in New York, 11 in California, six in Texas, two in Kansas and one each in Indiana and Ohio, according to CDC and states.

Comment Re:The horse, not the horse shit. (Score 1) 448

cause children shouldn't know about rape, or violence against women? It wasn't a real rape scene anyway, it was just attempted...

Of course, the sex scene was pretty hot so...

But I don't think there were themes any worse than DK2.

I'm curious if anyone here let their child watch it and what the reaction was.

Comment Re:Hmm (Score 1) 103

FF8 was a horrible battle system, drawing sucked, the guardians took forever to use, were hard to find without walkthroughs, and you were supposed to push fucking buttons during the cutscenes?

I enjoyed FF9 and X and X-2, but ff8 is a black spot for me, i simply could not bear to play it when I realized that to properly build my characters I'd have to spend boring hours drawing shit.

Comment Re:sure it is (Score 1) 1079

You clearly don't understand what a victimless crime is.

A victimless crime is one where there is no known potential for unwanted harm to come to another person.

Shooting at people and missing obviously does not qualify, since missing is based on your ability, which we can not trust. Same with most traffic violations.

Smoking pot in your bedroom with the door closed does qualify, only you are directly affected by any negative consequences.

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