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Comment Shadow bans (Score 1) 474

The shadow ban was innovative when I first saw it done on a Minitel network in 1993, today it's nothing new and very effective when used sparingly. (It was called "isolation" back then)

Sparingly is the key word, moderators don't seem to understand the concept of moderation lately. In-fact, I actually think moderators encourage trolling by being heavy handed.

Comment Re:$120 buys a lot of music (Score 1) 260

At the end of the month, I still have that $10 CD or those 10 MP3's, which means I have some value in my collection.

Granted, it's not much, if I sold all my CD's I doubt I would get enough to pay for a year of music streaming, but at least I can loan them out, give them away or just play them wherever I want, online or offline.

Comment $120 buys a lot of music (Score 2) 260

Let's assume that Apple isn't going $14.99/mo and it's going to be the usual $9.99 /mo. $120 a year is a decent amount of money to spend on music, if you want to take the time to buy it.

Imagine a family of where 2 adults both spend $10/mo, heck, $240 a year? That can buy you over 200 tracks a year, that you will get to keep. If you want to save more, buy used CD's and rip them.

You already have tons of music ripped, everyone does, do you really think you're going to spend $120 a year on new singles?

Comment Volt / C-Max (Score 1) 293

The Volt and C-Max (and similar plug-in hybrids) are the answer to the transition problem.

You can drive them for your daily 40 mile commute on battery, then switch over to gas for your 1500 mile vacation.

It's not a long term solution, since having a gas generator and electric motor means extra maintenance in the long term. The long term solution will be fast charging for electric. These cars are the bridge between the existing gas infrastructure and the new electric infrastructure.

Comment Re:Why would I use it? (Score 1) 631

Visa, MC, Amex and Discover will forbid fees again and that problem is solved. I don't think BestBuy or Walmart is going to stop accepting credit cards.

Also, I think Apple & Google should block the CurrentC app from their stores. I don't usually say that, but I'm really annoyed by CVS turning off Google Wallet for no reason except to be anti-competitive. If they are going to be anti-competitive then Apple and Google should not allow them access. CurrentC can be a web app and bypass the app store if they really want to.

Comment Re:I may have mentioned this before but... (Score 1) 127

(how's that global warming working out for ya?)

Unfortunately, it is working out exactly as most people thought it would. Summers are getting hotter, storms more violent and weather patterns more unpredictable.

But don't worry, someone will mention that it was cold in the US this past winter, so it's all good, you know, ignoring the global part.

Comment Re: Not Fracking. Disposal. (Score 1) 127

Overly restrictive, like, 'Please, don't poison the local aquifer', or 'Can you avoid killing most of the wildlife in the area', and 'Even though they are poor, doesn't mean you can ruin their homes'.

Some regulations are needed, others are not, that's what debate and compromise is supposed to be for.

To say that the 'little to no regulation environment' wanted by energy companies is foolish would be insulting to fools.

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