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Comment Re:Feeding the trolls (Score 1) 741

Eh, I guess. I'm not voting for him, but even his main critique "Mexicans are rapists" - it's clear to anyone with half a brain he wasn't saying literally 100% of Mexicans illegally crossing the border are rapists.

Sure, but why would he even use that term at all? It must be one of the main words in his head when he thinks of Mexicans.

Comment Re:How is everyone supposed to use Emacs? (Score 1) 480

My US/Russian keyboard laptop has [ next to P, as does a UK, Italian, Croatian, Czech, Slovak and Spanish keyboard. Latin American has it next to Ñ. Must be hell to access array indices if you don't have one of them...

That's complete bollocks. You totally made that up, didn't you?

Spanish and Italian have next to 'P', yes, but you need Alt-Gr to get at it.

Croatian, Czech, Slovak keyboards have it on the 'F' and 'G' keys.

Comment Re:How is everyone supposed to use Emacs? (Score 3, Informative) 480

You have a problem with CTRL+[? Works on everything I've used so far, except for the blasted TVI-950, which always sends CTRL+].

You must live in a country which has a nice '[' key on the keyboard. Most keyboards in the world access those symbols with Alt-Gr.

(Sucks to be them, I know...but this will make it suck even worse)

Comment Re:Self driving cars don't have to be perfect... (Score 3, Insightful) 238

... they just have to be better than humans. And sadly, in many areas they already are - give it a few more years for the remaining rough spots.

One important difference:

When humans screw up they're usually not worth suing.

When self-driving cars screw up there's a large, wealthy company to try to sue.

Comment Re:And... NO CONTRAST (Score 1) 321

The purple numbers are a nice touch, too. Just like the yellow strings and pale grey comments.

The text attribute "bold" could have been used for something useful if they hadn't used such a crap color scheme.

easy to read

Do you honestly see that as an improvement over the previous white-on-black styles? Do you think it's "easier to read" than (eg) the page you're looking at right now? Put them side by side and take a good look.

If so, we found the problem. (shrug)

Comment Re:And... NO CONTRAST (Score 5, Insightful) 321

I think I may have found the problem,

If you search for "best text editor for web development" they're all grey-on grey.

Web "designers" are probably adjusting their monitor's contrast settings to make them usable. Result: Unusable web sites because making sites with any contrast hurts their eyes.

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