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Comment Re:Goto (Score 1) 671

Not true. So long as you initialize all your variables to NULL, and you never prematurely return from the function, having a final "goto CLEANUP" with NULL checks + deallocations at the end of the function, you can always ensure proper cleanup.

Or.... you could have the machine do all that automatically for you.

Comment Re:Subsidizing Businesses.... (Score 2) 444

Ride sharing is the modern replacement for taxis.

Except for anyone who's not rich enough to afford a so-called "smart" so-called "telephone" or who, like me, cannot fathom why anyone would pay to carry a spy-on-you machine around. We have no way to utilize those services.

The intersection between "people not rich enough to afford a smartphone" and "people who take taxis" is zero.

Comment Re: And so it begins. (Score 2) 111

I would say people want safety. They want it so bad that they will believe almost anything if it will make them feel more safe

That's Trump's tactic in a nutshell.

Mexicans, ISIS...etc. He's the only one who can keep you safe. He'll build the walls, he's the only one that can keep them out.

Look at how well he's doing in the polls based on that.

Comment Re: Linux. (Score 1) 400

imho, Macs are great at giving people the impression they are getting shit done, when in reality a lot of times it's really only consumer level word-processing that's going on.

And even then you don't get basic stuff like a 'delete' key. Or page up/down keys. Or...

Still, the keyboard's 'clean', right?

Comment Re:I'm a consumer whore! And how!! (Score 1) 191

Excellent job on reading the entire first half of the summary. I'm sure you were close to reading the second half before you posted.

The summary actually says:

"In fact, most users actually want their phones to be more easily dismantled, repaired and recycled."

ie. Manufacturers only seem interested in releasing new models, not in making models that will last a long time.

It doesn't say anywhere that people feel like they're being forced to upgrade.

Me? Count me in. I just need something that lasts a long time. Changing phones is a pain in the ass, megapixels (or whatever) are completely unimportant to me in a phone. I'd actually prefer something more pocketable.

Comment Re:pop (Score 2, Funny) 671

using assembly language to code a web page because the boss wanted it to be fast

The bad idea was using JavaScript/PHP/whatever in the first place.

Languages designed by clowns.

The moment they should have given up was when they realized they needed to add an extra '===' operator because they messed up the '==' operator so badly.

(and all the rest of the bad ideas they had around the same time they were implementing '==')

Comment Re:Goto (Score 1) 671

Goto. I use that (in C) for error handling all the time, and frankly, it is about the cleanest way to do it I have seen.

Or... you could use a proper programming language, with exceptions.

Using GOTO won't save you from having to clean up all those little memory allocations and free() statements that you just jumped past.

C++ stack unwinding _will_ do that for you. Automatically.

(And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the *real* difference between C and C++. It even has a name: RAII)

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