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Comment Re:Not in this case (Score 1, Interesting) 250

In this case, because of the method of application, this DRM is bad.

It hijacks YOUR computer because THEY want to control what you do with "their" data.

You're free to not transmit their data to your PC.

The only time DRM is bad is when it prevents you from doing things like listen to one of your CDs in your car, from making backup copies of delicate media for your kids to use, etc.

These days it's all electronic and modern cars have interfaces for mobile phones so these arguments are disappearing. If you choose to steal, that's your choice. Be a grown-up and admit that that's what you're doing though. Don't try to justify it because of the ev1L DRMs.

Comment Re:Microwave popcorn is cutting edge (Score 4, Insightful) 213

World-wide distribution on day #1. No more scratched, third-hand, celluloid reels. Better screens, better projectors, better sound. 3D projection on applicable movies.

At the end of the day it's just a dark room full of chairs with a screen at the front. What else is there to innovate Mr. Hastings?

Oh, yeah, one thing:

Not widely implemented yet.

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