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Comment Re:It's not the phone number making it insecure (Score 3, Insightful) 104

It's the "one database key connecting everything" idea that makes it insecure, so that if there's a breach in anything, it becomes a breach in everything you're involved in. If phone numbers and email addresses were kept separate, then the effect of the bad security at the phone company would be limited in scope to the phone account only.

The lesson is that Big Data and specifically Google are evil for creating conditions where security breaches cause more damage than they otherwise would..

Comment Re:About time. (Score 1) 540

You still hve those freedoms in Australia. What you don't have is the right to claim you are a medical practitioner and

By that reasoning, if the government said that Jews aren't permitted to be nurses, you could reply "you still have the freedom to be a Jew; you just don't have the right to claim you are a medical practitioner and be a Jew".

Telling someone that they "still have a right to X, just not a right to work while being an X", is a limit on their freedom, regardless of what X is.

Comment Re:No it didn't (Score 1) 278

Spying on Americans, sure. Spying on foreign citizens is their actual job. There's nothing wrong with it (as long as they don't trade information with their foreign counterparts, giving each other what amounts to domestic information.)

It just gets a lot of publicity because foreign governments have lots of resources and media access, so they can manufacture outrage over it (while not bothering to mention to the same media that they themselves spy domestically.)

Comment Re:The last set showed laws broken by DNC (Score 5, Insightful) 333

...which leads one to ask why that isn't also happening?

Trump is an outsider. He's a Republican, but not part of the Republican establishment. The RNC wasn't on his side until the absolute last minute when they had to accept him as a candidate. So there isn't going to be any dirt about things the RNC did behind the scenes to help Trump.

Comment Re:Usual media FUD (Score 1) 517

Imagine that you have four people each trading exactly the same amount with each other. Now imagine drawing a line around one of the people and calling him a country, with no change in what he trades. You'll find that the one person exports 100% of his GDP while everyone else exports 25% of their GDP.

All you've done is made an argument about any tariffs anywhere, for any purpose. It' naturally falls out from the way small and large countries work; it has nothing to do specifically with the UK and Europe.

Comment Re:dark patterns huh? (Score 5, Insightful) 128

Sounds like you ascribed a lack of value to it based on the delivery medium and thus didn't even click the link. Congratulations, you just applied a dark pattern to yourself as described in TFS,

This is nonsense.

1) It isn't a dark pattern unless someone is trying to trick him into not viewing the article.

2) The delivery medium actually makes the article lower in value. Taking 30 minutes to watch something that can be read in 2 minutes is a waste of time, and having to waste your time to get it reduces its value.

Comment Re:Legislation Can't Fix Incompetence (Score 1) 660

The guy was nuts. He had a documented history of being nuts. His friends thought he was nuts. His family thought he was nuts. And yet, he could still get plenty of ammo and guns.

If the government can take away someone's rights by declaring him nuts, without due process and a hearing at which he can present evidence in his defense, that means nobody will have any rights at all. This will be a bigger problem. Yes, even a bigger problem than shootings.

Comment Re:Well, that sounded extremely patronizing. (Score 1) 317

Maybe you should check with someone who doesn't have malaria, but otherwise would.

Maybe you should check in with someone who dies because he can't afford medication, because Bill Gates conditioned his aid on IP protections for drugs.

It's not as if there are people dying on only one side of the comparison here. The negative aspects of Gates' donations result in people dying who are every bit as real as the people with malaria.

Comment Re:FIRST!!!! (Score 2) 230

Source code has to be vetted first before it's released by a big company. And vetting costs money. What if the source code contains third party code that they are not permitted to release to others? What if it contains comments that are libellous?

And what if they sell the source code and then the recipient doesn't know how to compile it? The recipient won't buy "source code with no guarantee you can compile it" but if there *is* a guarantee that they compile it, that means that the company has committed itself to supporting something they want to stop supporting.

Comment Selling out (Score 1) 224

Whether something sells out depends partly on how many you made in the first place. In other words, the fact that this "sold out" is not useful information, and is an advertising trick. It's just that in this case the advertising trick is selling politics as well as dolls.

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