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Comment I can see the exchanges now: (Score 1) 1

Sir Tim: I invented the WWW, it's not for you to monetise it
Phorm: I can tell you've never worked in a commercial operation
Sir Tim: How do you mean?
Phorm: It's just so the normal course of action in every tech company in the world. Engineers invent something cool then the marketing bods step in to ruin it in an attempt to make loads of money for the marketing bods. In the rare attempt this ploy succeeds the engineer, who may well have worked for years and filed numerous patents gets a handshake and a gold pen if he/she's lucky. So deal with it.

Submission + - Sir Tim Berners-Lee to attend Privacy Debate ( 1

AlexanderHanff writes: "On 11th March Sir Tim Berners-Lee along with other prominent guests will attend a House of Lords Round Table Event in the UK to discuss the use of Deep Packet Inspection for Behavioural Advertising. The European Commission have continued to press the UK public authorities on their inaction against covert trials of Phorms technology in 2006/2007 and have stated they may be forced to take action against the UK government if they do not enforce UK privacy laws. This is a big step for the campaign against such intrusive technology and it is set to be a very interesting day."

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