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Submission + - From Einstein's Theory to Gravity's Chirp (

An anonymous reader writes: “There are no gravitational waves ” “Plane gravitational waves, traveling along the positive X-axis, can therefore be found ” “ gravitational waves do not exist ” “Do gravitational waves exist?” “It turns out that rigorous solutions exist ”

These are the words of Albert Einstein. For 20 years he equivocated about gravitational waves, unsure whether these undulations in the fabric of space and time were predicted or ruled out by his revolutionary 1915 theory of general relativity. For all the theory’s conceptual elegance — it revealed gravity to be the effect of curves in “space-time” — its mathematics was enormously complex.

The question was settled once and for all last week, when scientists at the Advanced Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (Advanced LIGO) reported that they had detected gravitational waves emanating from the violent merger of two black holes more than one billion light-years away. Picking up the signal — a tiny flurry of contractions and expansions in space-time called a “chirp” — required extraordinary technical finesse. But it also took 100 years for scientists to determine what, exactly, Einstein’s theory predicts: not only that gravitational waves exist, but how they look after crossing the cosmos from a coalescing pair of black holes — inescapably steep sinkholes in space-time whose existence Einstein found even harder to swallow.

Submission + - Apple says sorry for iPhone Error 53 and issues iOS 9.2.1 update to fix it (

Mark Wilson writes: Apple has a lot of support at the moment for its stance on encryption and refusing the FBI access to an iPhone's contents, but it's only a couple of weeks since the company was seen in a less favorable light. There was quite a backlash when users found that installing an update to iOS resulted in Error 53 and a bricked iPhone.

Apple initially said that Error 53 was caused 'for security reasons' following speculation that it was a bid to stop people from using third party repair shops. iFixit suggested that the problem was a result of a failure of parts to correctly sync, and Apple has been rounding criticized for failing to come up with a fix. Today the company has issued an apology, along with an update that ensures Error 53 won't happen again. But there's more good news.

If you were talked into paying for an out of warranty replacement as a result of Error 53, you could be in line to get your money back.

Submission + - Good riddance payphones: NYC's free gigabit Wi-Fi kiosks go live

alphadogg writes: New York City on Thursday officially launched its payphone booth replacements: shiny new 9-foot-plus-high kiosks dubbed Links that offer free Gigabit-speed Wi-Fi as well as free domestic VoIP calls via a tablet app.Mayor Bill de Blasio, joined by vendor partners such as Qualcomm and NYC Department of IT and Telecommunications reps, showed off the first operating LinkNYC kiosks, just over a dozen of which are spread across 3rd Avenue for starters. The spacing of the hotspots will enable users to stay connected as they walk down the street. More than 500 of the advertising-supported kiosks are slated to be installed by mid-year, with promises of secure and private connectivity.

Submission + - Big data job advice from founder of first US grad program in analytics (

dcblogs writes: Michael Rappa, who created the nation’s firms Masters in Data Analytics program at North Carolina State University, explained in an interview the types of training that students seeking big data jobs will need. For undergrads, his advice “is to line-up your coursework with the necessary prerequisites in math, statistics and computer science, to prepare for graduate education. This means going beyond a year of calculus and into linear and matrix algebra. Don't stop with the mandatory course in probability and statistics, which is common with many majors. Take additional courses in areas like multivariate regression and statistical programming.” He believes many will need advanced degrees in data analysis as well. Some occupational roles will require additional computer and statistical programming skills, other roles will require new data management and data cleaning skills, and yet other roles will require skills in data visualization and interpretation.

Submission + - Motif 2.3.4 released as LGPL Open Source (

An anonymous reader writes: Hot on the heels of the recent Open Source release of the Common Desktop Environment is the LGPL release of the Open Group's venerable Motif user interface toolkit, announced this afternoon. Previously only available under a proprietary license, Motif has a long and storied history in early Unix desktops.

Submission + - The Eagle has Landed Again! Apollo 11 Lunar Landing Minute-by-Minute

tylerh111 writes: "Just wanted to invite everyone to check out The First Men on the Moon, an online interactive website featuring the Apollo 11 lunar landing. Until today, it has been impossible to comprehensively experience mankind's shining exploratory accomplishment in a singular experience. The First Men on the Moon compiles hours of content available from public domain sources and various NASA websites. The presentation includes spaceflight video footage, communication audio, mission control room conversations, text transcripts, and telemetry data, all synchronized into an integrated audio-visual experience."

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