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Comment Re:They don't understand jailbreaking (Score 1) 211

"Oh, I dunno, could be the potentially voided warranty on a $600 item."

FUD. iTunes has a real simple setting called RESTORE.

"Or maybe it's Apple's habit of bricking jailbroken phones with updates?"

Then don't update? The only bricking I've heard about was people updating to 3.1.3 on un-jailbroken iPhones! If you've jailbroken at all you know that every time a new update comes out they tell you not to update until there is another way to JB it.

The amount of FUD in this article and these comments is amazing.

Comment Re:Does this open the floodgates? (Score 1) 164

The original Xbox was a success? The Xbox sold about as much as the Gamecube, and about as fifth as many as the PS2. The gamecube made Nintendo a few hundred million dollars, while the Xbox lost microsoft a few billion dollars. The only success there is that it made Microsoft a legitimate name in console gaming, providing footing for the Xbox 360.

And Microsoft has only lost 1 billion dollars on that so far.

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