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Submission + - Google disables ads on author's website for torrenting his own book ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Author Cody Jackson has just suffered through an ordeal involving Google's non-exitent customer service. He hosts a website called Start Programming with Python using Google’s Blogger platform and uses AdSense to generate revenue from it. The site is home to his book on Python programming called Learn to Program with Python, which he offers in a range of formats (paperback and e-book) for you to purchase, but he also offers the book for free.

In order to get his book read by more people Cody decided to upload a torrent of it and link to a torrent tracking site on his website. Remember, the book is free, is his work, and there’s no publisher involved so this is in no way piracy. However, Google viewed the link differently and decided to take action.

From posting that one torrent tracker link Cody lost his AdSense revenue as Google decided to cut him off. The reason given is that Google doesn’t allow AdSense publishers to place ads alongside copyrighted files, or next to links that drive traffic to websites carrying copyrighted material. In other words, Google believed Cody is encouraging piracy of copyrighted material as opposed to just sharing his own book that he owns the copyright for.

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