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Submission + - Study finds that religion makes children more selfish ( 3

Enter the Shoggoth writes: A University of Chicago study that set out to determine if cultural background has an effect on empathy and a willingness to share has found that childen with an identified religious background are statistically more likely to be selfish. The journal article (Current Biology) can be found by following a link in the original source (Forbes) below.

Submission + - Traffic Jam in Space Threatens Satellites (

bigvibes writes: In April 2012, the European Space Authority lost contact with its Earth observation satellite Envisat, rendering it inoperative. Envisat will orbit Earth for approximately another 150 years before burning up upon re-entry into the atmosphere. If the enormous eight-ton ghost satellite were to collide with another object and break apart, the resulting debris cloud would escalate the already serious threat to operating satellites.

A new report by Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS), titled Space Risks: A new generation of challenges, explores the considerable risks millions of orbiting fragments pose for satellites and space missions and stresses that the need to actively remove debris is now urgent. The report also highlights the insurance industry’s pivotal role in enabling the space industry.


Submission + - Is it time to start an Olympic games for enhanced athletes? (

ananyo writes: "With the Olympics due to kick off on 27 July in London, Nature has taken a look at how far science would be able to push human athletic abilities if all restrictions on doping were lifted. The article mentions anabolic steroids (up to 38% increase in strength), IGF-1 (4% increase in sprinting capacity), EPO/blood doping (34% increase in stamina), gene doping and various drugs and supplements, as well as more 'extreme' measures such as surgery and prosthesis. Hugh Herr, a biomechanical engineer at MIT, says performance-enhancing technologies will one day demand an Olympics all their own. But is that time already upon us? And would slashdotters be interested in watching the 'enhanced Olympics' if they were staged?"

Submission + - How Google is becoming an extension of your mind (

An anonymous reader writes: An article at CNET discusses Google's ever-expanding role in search, and where it's heading over the next several years. The author argues it's becoming less of a discrete tool and more an integrated extension of our own minds. He rattles off a list of pie-in-the-sky functions Google could perform, which would have sounded ridiculous a decade ago. Now.. not so much. Quoting: 'Think of Google diagnosing your daughter's illness early based on where she's been, how alert she is, and her skin's temperature, then driving your car to school to bring her home while you're at work. Or Google translating an incomprehensible emergency announcement while you're riding a train in foreign country. Or Google steering your investment portfolio away from a Ponzi scheme. Google, in essence, becomes a part of you. Imagine Google playing a customized audio commentary based on what you look at while on a tourist trip and then sharing photo highlights with your friends as you go. Or Google taking over your car when it concludes based on your steering response time and blink rate that you're no longer fit to drive. Or your Google glasses automatically beaming audio and video to the police when you say a phrase that indicates you're being mugged.'

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