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Submission + - The Future of Internet Radio & Online Media (

An anonymous reader writes: Having featured over hundreds of independent and signed artists since its inception in 2008, The Movement Radio has been the only internet based radio station striving to provide a tactical alliance for all persons involved in the entertainment industry, including artists, producers, songwriters, lawyers, publicist, and such.
Created as a vision by Anthony Smith, an independent recording artist, songwriter and entrepreneur, he found that many independent artists faced a struggle in what is today a saturated market. As time passed, it became more of a struggle for an independent artist to reach his or her goals due to the lack of support from their local entertainment and media outlets. Smith’s purpose for the creation of Movement Radio was to provide a new avenue for independent artists to showcase their talents and network with other people involved in the music industry, which would create a base for artists to submit their music for internet radio play, promote their upcoming performances and ultimately sell their albums.
Since its launch, partnering with, what today host over 70,000 professional Internet radio talk shows, The Movement Radio has become one of the most successful independent internet talk shows dedicated to independent artists. The growth of The Movement Radio has rapidly reached listeners all over the world. The Movement Radio’s continued growth has proven to artists, record labels and local promoters that the change for the independent artists is soon to come.
The Movement Radio is now partnering with audio engineer and fellow entrepreneurs Nelson Diaz and Edwin Lavado. The website host a social network that provides independent artists to interact with other independent artists, as well as reach out and stay in the loop with their fans. Members have the ability to join forums and create group discussions. The company plans to take Internet radio to the next level of the viral market. The ultimate goal is to have everybody in the music industry release exclusive content to our station, covering not only music but fashion, art, design and local and national news.

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