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Comment Re:Think of it as a security patch (Score 1) 521

The way people access software has changed dramatically over the last twenty years. With so much software being deployed as web applications and services, it's easy to distribute open source software in a way that doesn't count as "distribution" under GPLv2. For many categories of software, this essentially renders the sharing provisions moot.

Code signing as an anti-competitive tactic was also non-existent. It was just assumed that the person who received the executable could, given the source code, recompile a new version of the code and run it on the same computer. Code signing makes that impossible to do legally (DMCA, etc.). Hence, you can access the changes they've made to GPLed code, but can't really benefit from them as an end user.

I think that the people who complain about "activism" are ignoring the fact that the GPL's protections have been eroding for years. GPL3 mostly just reasserts the rights that GPL2 no longer protects adequately.

Comment Re:The beef of Bluetooth is in profiles, not the l (Score 2, Informative) 152

Very true. Similarly, the success of USB is not in using the same plug for everything but in standard device interfaces. You can grab any USB HID device and it will work everywhere, because one can write an unified driver for all current and future USB HID devices. Same for USB mass storage, audio, etc.

Comment Re:Dual licenses don't work for open source ... (Score 1) 521

No, you can specifically state that by contributing code, you agree to license it and authorize the redistribution of it under both licenses. As soon as you do that, you're covered. If they want to write code and license it exclusively under the GPL, they are free to fork, but unless RMS himself decides to write a large chunk of code, it seems unlikely that anyone would do so. :-)

Where it becomes problematic is when you have a vendor-specific license and you want people to contribute under a "version X or later" of the vendor-specific license. A lot of people will balk at that.

Comment Never trusted wireless (Score 1) 1

Personally this will not have any effect for me. I use wireless rarely and I am not fond of being bombared with different radio frequencies or microwaved by the Police Helicopter three times a week over the City. Of course there has been a lot of debate on wifi health issues, however, I still feel there is a cover-up. Certainly I sleep better without wifi devices and cellphones in the vacinity. I turn everything off. Nonetheless more wifi is bad news for your well being.

Comment Re:OpenWRT is stable, feature rich and *unusable* (Score 1) 300

Can you tell me what HW and SW version you are using.

They are both "La foneras" 2200. I used kamikaze 7.x and 8.x.

WiFi portion OK. No routing. Then started a few threads in the forum. Basically told routing was turned off by default as a security feature.

See /etc/config/firewall . AFAIK iptables is started by default and doesn't do pkt forwarding between interfaces. You can also disable openWRT firewall scripts and use iptables-save iptables-restore directly.

With iptables you need to allow forwarding between eth0 and ath0 interfaces:
iptables -A FORWARD -i eth0 -o ath0 -j ACCEPT
iptables -A FORWARD -i ath0 -o eth0 -j ACCEPT

and do NAT on traffic routing through the box:
iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o eth0 -j MASQUERADE

*OR* by using openWRT's firewall scripts, edit /etc/config/firewall to include:

# Accept by default on unspecified interfaces
# (reject when your setup is OK)
config defaults
                option syn_flood 1
                option input ACCEPT
                option output ACCEPT
                option forward REJECT

# Accept connections from LAN (ethernet)
config zone
                option name lan
                option input ACCEPT
                option output ACCEPT
                option forward ACCEPT

# Deny traffic coming to the box thru wifi
# Also enable masquerading on incoming
# traffic (NAT)
config zone
                option name wan
                option input REJECT
                option output ACCEPT
                option forward REJECT
                option masq 1

# Allow wifi forwarding to lan
config forwarding
                option src wan
                option dest lan
                option mtu_fix 1

Dont forget to name the ath0 interface as "wan" and the eth0 interface as "lan" on /etc/config/network

As usual, I'll probably be modded down by someone who doesn't like CLI. Anyway, I hope this helps.

Comment Re:Hulu? (Score 1) 829

That's my feeling exactly... though RDA's brief appearance was a little jarring. He's getting fat :(

On a completely unrelated note, was anyone else a little weirded out by the commercials for Sanctuary, in which Amanda Tapping (SG-1's blonde, American Samantha Carter) is a brown-haired Brit? She looked similar enough to be eerie, but different enough that I had to go look it up on IMDB before I'd believe it was her...

Add to that she was playing Sam Carter on SGU w/ blonde hair and then they'd cut to a commercial of her in Sanctuary showing her w/ brown hair...freaky.

Comment Re:10+ the max? Come on... (Score 1) 958

The Republic of Texas /was/ a sovereign entity. Texas is unique in that it was the only state which used to be an independent country, and which voluntarily seeded itself to the U.S. Hawaii had been a kingdom, but was more or less hijacked, and I'm not sure that the Original 13 really count, as we each (I grew up in the 'Historical Triangle' region of Virginia) went from British subjects to part and parcel with the Continental Congress.

If any State in the Union has a right to say fuck it and leave, it would be Texas, though. Sometime I sort of wish they would ;)

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