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Journal Jeremiah Cornelius's Journal: "I knew Obamacare would be bad..." 24

"...but I seriously had no idea it would be this bad."

How would you design a Healthcare Extortion Racket?

"New York State's healthcare plans range from Fidelis Care's 'Bronze' plan at $810.84 per month to $2554.71 per month for something I didn't bother to look up because if I had $2500+ a month to spend on doctors, I'd buy a doctor and have him/her live with me and dole out pills like I was Michael Jackson. The deductibles - the amount you pay out of pocket every year before you the insurer has to give you anything at all - are outrageously high. Fidelis Care Bronze has a $3000/year deductible per person. I'm in pretty good health; it's a rare year I spend that much on doctors. After the $3000/year deductible, they pay 50% of your bills. So if you rack up $5000/year in medical bills, you pay $4000 and they pay $1000. Pretty damned crappy."

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"I knew Obamacare would be bad..."

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  • Granted, I rather doubt that the plan would even be worth it if it did, but anyone who has ever visited a doctor in this country knows that the insurance companies always demand a discounted rate for services; generally 50-80% off what the same office would charge to Joe Six Pack with no insurance. That said, as I have been saying for years now the Health Insurance Company Bailout Act of 2010 was nothing but a massive handout to the insurance industry. Naturally they will exploit the shit out of it. Afte
  • has been undermined by republicans and healthcare insurance giants... also ACA gives substantial tax writeoffs for every penny they spend on ACA insurance, at least for corporations they do. so what does this mean? masses of formerly insured will hit the soft spot where insuring their workers consumes their profits, so they refuse to offer plans to workers forcing workers to take tax penalties for going uninsured. it is not pretty but the republicans voted for this law too, they must be laughing at the ridi

    • When was ObamaCare not a fool's errand?
      It has been a river of lies since conceived, and I hope it dies soon, minimizing further damage.

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