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You Do NOT Listen to NPR, to "Get One Side of a Story"

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  • In mass media it's strategically hidden. Look for what's plausible, and deniable... plausibly deniable..

    *sigh* For the inside traders, it's blessed anarchy in its purest form. We go unnoticed in the vacuum of space.

  • NPR reflects the "cause du jour" of the college crowd and the garbage they regurgitate from the hippy professors filling their minds with ; facts, best not argued for a passing grade.
    Generally the press will pass on whatever government propaganda they are presented with. After all, who wants to be closed out of press conferences, exclusives and other stories for financial gain and corporate climbing? If you protest too hard, what is government motivation to include your media business in further competitive

    • You have cause and effect reversed.

      NPR is how US Dept of State and big finance convince "hippy professors" to support their agenda - by appealing to their prejudices and do-good vanities. It is a way to get the "educated liberal class" in line with the agenda of Empire, which runs otherwise contrary to their sentiment.

      In the end? Most are like other American, middle-class hypocrite NIMBYs, who'll complain about injustice from the safety of their Prius, on the way to the Nike Superstore...

Riches cover a multitude of woes. -- Menander