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Gaming the App Store 217

space_in_your_face writes "Want to boost the popularity of your latest iPhone app? Ask Reverb Communications! 'When it comes to winning in the App Store, this PR firm has discovered a dynamite strategy: throw ethics out the window. Reverb Communications, a PR firm that represents dozens of game publishers and developers, has managed to find astounding success on Apple's App Store for its clients. Among its various tactics? It hires a team of interns to trawl iTunes and other community forums posing as real users, and has them write positive reviews for their client's applications. ... Reverb claims that their clients have sold over $2 billion of product under their watch.'"

Submission + - Can New York Times cause Identity Thefts ?

Vishal Mishra writes: "This is regarding a recent and very well written New York Times story on SlashDot, about Identity Thefts. While the story provides a lot of useful information, it also directs users to a search site developed by a company TrustedID, that can help people know if they have already been a victim of identity fraud. This site can potentially steal social security numbers by the way it collects SSN for verification against its database. The site does not use hashing at all, but instead requires customers to send SSN or credit card information unhashed. Here is a link to the blog describing the attack and the right secured way to build such search sites — http://vmtech.blogspot.com"

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